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At 12:30 PDT it's 19:30 GMT, and at 12:30 PST it's 20:30 GMT.

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What is 12-30 Pacific time in U.K. time?

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Q: What is 12 30 pacific time in gmt?
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What time is 830 pacific time in gmt?

08:30 PST is 17:30 GMT

What is 7.30AM pacific in GMT?

Pacific standard Time is 8 hours earlier than GMT. 7:30 AM GMT is 11:30 PM Pacific standard Time the day prior to the current day.

What are the Time Zones in Canada as per GMT?

Pacific Time is GMT-8; Mountain Time, GMT-7; Central Time, GMT-6; Eastern Time, GMT-5; Atlantic Time, GMT-4; and Newfoundland Time, GMT-3:30.

If it is 4.30 PM in the UAE what time is it in GMT?

4:30 PM in the UAE = 12:30 PM in GMT The UAE is at GMT + 4 hours.

What time is 11.30 am eastern time in GMT?

11:30 American EST = 16:30 GMT 11:30 American EDT = 15:30 GMT 11:30 Australian EST = 01:30 GMT 11:30 Australian EDT = 00:30 GMT

What will the time be in the IST Zone if GMT is 8.30?

The answer to this question will depend on what you are using the abbreviation IST to stand for. IST could represent Irish Summer Time, Israeli Standard Time, Iran Standard Time, or Indian Standard Time. The time zone information for each is below to compare to GMT: Irish Summer Time GMT/UTC +1 Israeli Standard Time GMT/UTC +2 Iran Standard Time GMT/UTC +3:30 Indian Standard Time GMT/UTC +5:30 Examples: If it were GMT 8:30 am, the Irish Summer Time would be 9:30 am. If it were GMT 8:30 am, the Israeli Standard Time would 10:30 am. If it were GMT 8:30 am, the Iran Standard Time would 12:00 pm (noon). If it were GMT 8:30 am, the Indian Standard Time would 2:00 pm.

What time is 11.30 GMT in IST?

11:30 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) = 12:30 Irish Summer Time (IST) = 13:30 Israel Standard Time (IST) = 17:00 India Standard Time (IST)

What time is it 2.30 GMT in Kenya?

At 02:30 GMT, the time in Kenya is 05:30 EAT.

What time is 930 pacific time in eastern time zone?

When it is 930 (9:30 am) Pacific Time, it is 12:30 pm Eastern Time.

When it is 10.30 am eastern time what time is it in the UK?

10:30 AM American Eastern Standard Time (EST) = 3:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) = 4:30 PM British Summer Time (BST) 10:30 AM American Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT) = 2:30 PM GMT = 3:30 PM British BST 10:30 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST) = 12:30 AM GMT = 1:30 AM British BST 10:30 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT) = 11:30 PM GMT = 12:30 AM British BST

What GMT time of INDIA?

India Standard Time is GMT +5:30

Can you convert 530 GMT to EST?

5:30 GMT would be 12:30 at night EST.

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