What is 12x36?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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12x30 equals 360.

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Q: What is 12x36?
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12x36 =Length times width in inches =how many ft?


What is 12x36 sq feet?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 432 square feet.

How many gallons of water in pool 12X36?

It is not possible to answer the question. A gallon is a measure of volume in 3-dimensional space. The question provides information in only 2 dimensions so there simply is not enough information.

How deep is a 12x36 pool?

Firstly, do you have a salt generator which will product chlorine? If not, then NONE!

How much is 36 dozen?

A dozen is 12 and so 36 times 12 = 432

How many 12x36 square feet vinyl tiles it take to cover 210 square feet?

I'm going to assume that the tiles are square inches, rather than square feet. But they can be converted to 3 square feet, which means 70 of them would cover the space if it were perfectly rectangular. Get 80 to be safe.

How do you rid your 12x36 above ground pool of the iron residue that has settled on the floor of the pool due to well water?

Try casting a flocculant let it settle for a couple of days and then vacuum the bottom layer of water to waste you will see the layer you want to remove on the bottom of the pool. check with your pool shop for a good brand of flocculant.

Do you really need a liner if you have an inground pool and it will be VERY expensive to replace or can you just leave it torn for a year or two?

If your pool was deisigned to have a liner then yes, you have to have a liner. These would be steel walled, aluminum walled ect type pools. a new liner can be installed with help of one to two people for around $1000.00 dollars for average sized pool say 12x36 foot. With care a liner should last about 7-10 years.

How many gallons of water in a 12x36 pool?

If the depth is 6-ft everywhere ... no deeper places or shallower places ...then the volume is18' x 36' x 6' = 3,888 cubic feet3,888 cubic feet = 29,084 gallons (rounded)That's the volume of the pool, up to the rim. I haveno way to know how much water may be in it.

Can Clorox bleach be used in place of shock and if so is there a calculation formula?

Liquid shock is 12.5% sodium hypochlorite. Clorox bleach is 5.95% sodium hypochlorite. It's the same stuff, but a lower concentration. You would have to calculate how much shock is needed for your pool and make adjustments for the concentration level. It works just as good as high priced "pool shock". i have a 12x36 pool much Clorox do i need to make it clear? its not green ,its foggy!! If your filter is working, and your water is balanced chemically, but still cloudy, perhaps your water has particles too small to be caught in the filter. This is what happened to me this year, after a spring season of record-breaking pollen levels. A pool service technician suggested that I add 20 lbs of alum to my 16x32 in-ground vinyl liner pool. I followed the directions on the alum bucket, and voila, my pool is crystal clear!

Gallons of water in a 12x36 pool 6 feet deep?

Cannot be answered with only these measurements. You need to specify what shape the pool is. Also, for a rectangular pool, the length, width and depth are needed. For a round pool, the diameter and depth are needed.