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Half dollar minted 1965-70 are 40% silver and currently worth around $4.

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1967 Kennedy half dollars are 40% silver, and it's worth about $2.50

Half dollars from that year contain 40% silver and are worth around $5.

About $1.25 for the silver.

Half dollars 1965-70 are 40% silver and at present are worth about $4.

Late 1960s Kennedy half dollars are currently worth around $5.

If you look on the back it's a HALF dollar, not a dollar. Value is about $2.00 for the silver content.

There was no official dollar bill or coin with JFK's image. The only US Mint issue from 1967 with his picture would be a half-dollar.

Look at the date again, no 1967 US coin has a mintmark.

Sorry.No liberty half dollars in 1967.

There are .1479 troy ounces of silver in a 1967 US Kennedy half dollar.

It will still be worth more than 50 cents, other than that, nobody knows.

It's either not JFK, or not a quarter.Washington is on the quarter. A 1967 quarter is worth 25 cents.JFK is on the half dollar. A 1967 half still had some silver in it (40%) and is worth about $3.00 as of 04/2009.

Please look at the coin again, with the date 1967 it's a half dollar that's 40% silver and it's worth about $2.00 just for the silver. No US silver dollars were made after 1935.

Please turn the coin over and look at the denomination on the back. It's a half-dollar.

Do you mean how much does half dollar worth in Philippine peso

A 1969-S proof half dollar - aka - Kennedy Half Dollar is worth: $7.00.

U.S. half dollars minted 1965-1970 contain 40% silver and are currently worth around $4.50.

a half hundred dollar bill is worth $50

It depends on the year and condition, but it's worth at least half a dollar.

Kennedy halves that year were 40% silver, and currently worth about $5.

Yes, it contains 40% silver and is worth about $5 in silver content as of the time of writing.

It is not a Liberty half dollar, it is a Kennedy half dollar. Unless in a mint set they are worth 50 cents. They are in common circulation.

The paper dollar is worth about $5 in uncirculated condition -- the coin dollar is worth about $15 in uncirculated condition

If this fragment of a question is supposed to be asking about the coin's value, it's worth about $4 for its silver content.

If you mean a 1998 Kennedy half dollar, the coin has no silver in it and is worth face value.