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It's worth about $1.00 +/- and the plating is worth nada or zero

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Q: What is 1 Gram 24k gold plated 999 pure fine silver maple leaf worth?
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What is the value of lot of 3 one gram 999 pure silver maple leaf?

A single gram of silver is worth $0.52 US dollars on 4 June 2015 (it varies each day) Yes, that is 52 cents. However, the Canadian Maple Leaf coin is 1 ounce, not 1 gram. Today's price per ounce is $16.22

How much a new 1 gram pure solid fine silver canadian maple leaf bullion round coin bar is worth?

Since such an object does not and could not exist, its worth is hard to estimate.

What is the value of a gram of pure silver ingot?

The value of a gram of pure silver ingot fluctuates daily based on the current market price for silver. As of now, a gram of pure silver can be worth around $0.70 to $1.00.

How much is sterling silver per gram in English sterling?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure. Therefore, 1 gram of Sterling Silver contains 0.925g of pure silver. 1 gram of sterling silver is worth: 0.5714 x 0.925 = £0.5285 Rounded up, a gram of sterling silver is worth 53p / gram. As of 20/01/2011, fine silver is priced at £17.7729 / Troy Ounce (source: There are 31.103 grams in a Troy Ounce. Therefore, 1 gram of fine silver is worth: 17.7729 / 31.103 = £0.5714

How much money silver is worth?

About 0.35c a gram

How much is a silver gram buffalo bar worth?

about $0.90

How much is 200 gram of silver worth?

85 dollars

How muchis 1 gram of silver worth?

999 Fine Silver £0.59p 925 Sterling Silver £0.52p 500 (50%) Silver £0.25p Prices are Uk prices per gram

How much money is 55 grams of silver worth?

Current prices for silver are 19.42 US dollars per ounce or 0.62 dollars per gram. A fifty five gram bar of silver would be worth 34.10 dollars.

How do you calculate the worth of a gram of silver?

You get the relevant factorial metal in relation to the substance, which in this case is SilverWorthPiR^2 and once you have that equation you get the secondary form "Gram of silver" and take it to the root (Root SilverWorthPiR^2/Gram of silver ) you then convert this into the relevant currency (£,$ etc.) and there you have it.

What is the metal used in one gram gold plated jewelry?

The metal used in one gram gold plated jewelry is typically brass or copper. These base metals are coated with a thin layer of gold through a process called electroplating to give them the appearance of gold jewelry.

What is a gram of silver?

A gram of silver.