What is 1 disadvantage of wind?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Strong winds can damage and blow over trees and poorly built houses.

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Q: What is 1 disadvantage of wind?
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What is one disadvantage of using wind turbines instead of fossil fuels?

Wind is a big disadvantage in how wind destroys a lot of items on the earth including ur mom gigity gigity and wind effects aircraft when you hit wind it is turbulence. Wind effects the circumference of

What are the disadvantages of using wind turbine to generate electricity?

Lack of wind is the main disadvantage.

Advantage and disadvantage of wind vane?

easy to read

Disadvantages of wind farms?

A disadvantage of a wind farm is if it isn't windy the windmills don't work

The advantage and disadvantage of a barometer?

advantage of using a barometer is that we can measure air pressure .a disadvantage is that there is barely any wind.

Why is the wind an energy source with limited uses?

A disadvantage of wind energy is that only a few places on Earth have enough wind to meet our energy needs.

Advantage and disadvatage of wind energy?

Wind energy is free after you finish paying for the installation of the hardware. A disadvantage is that it is effective only when there is wind to make it work.

What is a disadvantage of using wind energy to generate electricity?

There are relatively few locations where it can be used.

What are the disadvantages of an anemometer which is a meteorological instrument?

An anemometer is used to measure the speed of the wind. The main disadvantage is the distortion of wind speed in relation to precipitation.

What are the disadvantage of using non standard units?

The main disadvantage is, precisely, in the lack of standardization. It may be more difficult, or confusing, to communicate with others.

Disadvantage of using cad?

1 disadvantage is that it might not always be as accurate as you want it to be

Is there any disadvantages to wind energy?

The only disadvantage is that the wind isn't constant, however wind farms sites are chosen for their windy location. Modern turbines have no problems with storm winds. They are able to regulate themselves.