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277 volts is the Hot to Neutral voltage in a 277/480 volt 3-phase "Y" electrical system.

This is a commercial and industrial application voltage.

The purpose of using higher voltages in these applications is to supply higher power levels [watts or kVA] than at lower voltages for the same size of conductor.


A 277 volt service is used for industrial lighting.


A 480 volt 3-phase power service is common in factories in USA and other countries which use 60 Hz ac electrical services. If you use the 480 volt service lines in the 'star' or 'Y' configuration you will have a central neutral point to connect a neutral line. You can then get a 277 volt single phase service by using one of the three phase lines along with that neutral

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Q: What is 277 volts?
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What voltage reading would you get from a 277 480 volt system?

From a three phase four wire distribution system the voltages would be as follows. From L1 to N - 277 volts. From L2 to N - 277 volts. From L3 to N - 277 volts. From L1 to L2 - 480 volts. From L2 to L3 - 480 volts. From L3 to L1 -480 volts.

Can a 277 volt appliance run off a 220 volt supply?

In North America there are no appliances that use 277 volts to operate. 277 volts is the star point voltage of a three phase four wire system. The three phase system is 277/480 volts. The 277 volts is usually used in lighting applications in industrial and commercial warehouses.

How to 120 volts to 277 volts?

Use a step-up transformer.

What is the purpose of 277 volts AC?

Commercial lighting. In a facility where 3 phase 480 volts is needed for machinery, 277 is also readily available because each leg of 480 to ground is 277 volts. This way numerous supply transformers are not needed in a commercial building.

Is 277 volt the same as 220 volt?

No. 277 volts is typically for lighting in commercial buildings.

Will a switching power supply work on 277 volts?

Not unless it is rated for that voltage. You can likely find a step down transformer from 277 volt sto 120 volts.

Is 277 volt and 277 volt equals 460 volt?

No, voltages in a wye configuration are not additive. Calculations for wye connection used the nominal voltage of 480 volts. The voltage of 277 volts is derived from the the phase voltage of 480 divided by the square root of 3 (for three phase) . 480 / 1.73 = 277 volts. For phase voltage of 460 the coil voltage to ground will be 460/1.73 = 266 volts.

What is the voltage of a 3 phase 4 wire 277 volt lighting circuit?

The voltage of a 277 volt lighting circuit is 277 volts. The equation that is used to find what the three phase four wire source supply is as follows; use the line to neutral voltage times the square root of 3. 277 x 1.73 = 480 volts. Likewise if you have the three phase four wire line to line voltage and you want to know what the line to neutral is, use this equation 480 / 1.73 = 277. Other common three phase four wire voltages are 600 volts / 1.73 = 347 volts, 415 volts / 1.73 = 240 volts and 208 volts / 1.73 = 120 volts.

Can 120 volt light fixture be wired for a commercial panel at 277 volts?

No, a 120 volt light fixture can not be re-wired for connection to a commercial 277 volts panel.

How do you come up with 277 volts?

The star point or wye voltage of a 480 volt three phase four wire system is 277 volts. The 480 voltage is divided by the sq root of 3 (for 3 phases). The sq root of 3 is 1.73. 480 volts/1.73 = 277 volts. The same formula is used on all three phase four wire systems. 208 volts /1.73 = 120 volts, 416 volts /1.73 = 240 volts, 600 volts / 1.73 = 347 volts.

Can you get 110 volts from 277volts?

The voltage of 277 is the wye connection of a 480 volt three phase supply. The only way to reduce 277 to 120 volts is with a step down transformer.

3 phase 480 volts to 3 phase 280 volts?

The star point coil voltage of a 480 volt three phase system is 277 volts. This voltage is obtained by dividing 480 by 1.73. 480/1.73 = 277.

Is 277 volt one hot wire?

No, 277 volts is the line to neutral of a 480 volt wye three phase system. L1- N, L2 - N and L3 - N will give you 277 volts. L1 to L2. L2 to L3 and L3 to L1 will give you 480 volts.

What is the difference between 277 volts and 240 volts?

These voltages are both wye connection three phase voltages. The voltage difference comes from the primary three phase voltage supplies. 277 volts is obtained from 277 x 1.73 = 480 and 240 volts is obtained from 240 x 1.73 = 415. 480/277 volts is a common three phase American voltage. 415/240 volts is a European voltage. In Canada a common three phase voltage is 347/600. The 240 volts could also be a single phase voltage in North America derived from a split phase secondary on a distribution transformer that supplies 120/240 volts to homes.

What is 277VAC?

It is the leg to ground or (star point) of 3 phase 480 volts. 480/1.73 = 277 volts

How do you wire a 277 volt light to use 240 volts?

You don't. 277 volts is the star point (wye) voltage of a 480 volt three phase system. Unless the ballast for this type of lighting is multi tapped it can only be used for a 277 voltage supply. A multi tapped ballast on the other hand can be connected to the following voltages, 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, 480 and 600 volts.

In WYE 480VAC each leg to neutral is equal to how many volts?

In WYE 480 VAC each leg to neutral is equal to 277 volts. 480 / 1.73 (sq root of 3) = 277.

What is a 277 volt fluorescent fixture?

A 277 volt lighting fixture is one that is usually used in an industrial application. The reason for this is the voltage rating. A voltage potential of 277 volts is the voltage to neutral (ground) of a three phase four wire 480 volt distribution system. 480 volts / 1.73 = 277 volts. Rather than having to add a transformer to the system to provide 120 volts for lighting, manufactures produced a ballast for fluorescent fixtures that operates on the 227 volt potential.

How can 240 vOLTS power a 277 vOLT light?

Slightly dimmly

Can you run single phase 230 from one side of 480 volt 3 phase?

No, you will not obtain 230 volts. From a wye connected three phase 480 volt supply, 277 volts can be obtained from one phase leg and the neutral on the wye connection. 480 volts/1.73 (sq. root of 3) = 277 volts.

How does 277 volt work?

The voltage of 277 volts is the wye of a three phase 480 volt system. Just as the voltage of 347 is the wye voltage of a three phase 600 volt system. To obtain these voltages for any three phase system, take the three phase voltage and divide it by 1.73. 480/1.73 = 277 volts, 600/1.73 = 347 volts.

Can a 277 unit heater be supplied with 240 volts?

Absolutely not!! 277 volts is developed from a 480 volt power supply employing 1 conductor and a neutral. 240 volt power comprises two hot conductors and NO neutral.

How is 277 volts different from 220 volts?

The two voltages are obtained from wye connections of a three phase four wire system. 277 volts is any three of the legs to neutral of a 480 volt three phase four wire system. 480/1.73 = 277 volts. This is a common USA three phase voltage system. 220 volts is any three of the legs to neutral of a 380 volt three phase four wire system. 380/1.73 = 220 volts. This is or was a standard UK or European voltage system.

Can you use 277 volt fixtures on a 120 volt circuit?

No, 277 volt fixtures are designed to work only on that voltage. 277 volts is the wye voltage of a three phase 480 volt system.

Can you get 120 volts from a 480 volts 3 phase Y generator?

NO, the 480 Volts Y -- is 4 wire system, with three wires which are hot legs @ 480 volts between each three hot legs. A mid tap is a neutral leg (ground) the white wire. Which gives 277 volts between it and any of the three hot legs. so a 4wire 480 volt Y system. Gives 480 /277 volts.

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