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2pm in MST = 4pm in EST

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Q: What is 2pm mst in est?
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If it is 2pm MST what time is it EST?

2 PM MST = 4 PM American EST = 7 AM Australian EST

If its 2pm in Maine what time is it in Arizona?

When it's 2 PM EDT in Maine it's 11 AM MST in most of Arizona. When it's 2 PM EST in Maine it's 12 noon MST in Arizona. MST = UTC-7 EST = UTC-5 EDT = UTC-4

If it is 2pm EST what time is it GMT?


If it is 2pm EST in the US what time is it in Johannesburg South Africa?

2pm est = 9pm sa

What is the time zone difference between EST and MST?

MST is two hours behind EST.

What time is 11am pst in est?

2pm EST

11am PST is what time in EST?

2pm EST, because from PST to EST, there is a 3 hour time difference. 11am + 3 hours = 2pm.

If its 1100 mst time what time is in est?

There is a two-hour difference, so 11 am MST would be 1 pm EST.

If it is 1100 mst time what time is est?

There is a two-hour difference, so 11 am MST would be 1 pm EST.

What is 8 am EST in CET?

2pm CET

If it's 2pm EST in the US what time is it in Zurich?

Zurich is GMT+2 hr, so at 2PM EST in the US, it is 8 PM in Zurich

What times is it at 2pm EST and in Pakistan?

12 AM Midnight

If its 2pm EST what time is it in CST?

1300 (1pm)

What is 2pm est in gmt time?

7 pm

If its 2PM CST what time is it in EST?

3PM EST = 2PM CST. Central Standard Time is one hour behind Eastern Standard Time.

What time is 2PM CST in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is in EST time zone, which is 1 hour ahead of CST so 2PM CST is 3PM EST ( Massachusetts )

What time is 2pm central in EST?

2 pm central would be 3 pm in EST

What is the difference between Arizona Standard time and EST?

EST is two hours ahead of MST.

If it's 2pm EST in the US what time is it in Serbia?


What time is 2PM EST if you are in the EET?

10 PM in EET

What time is 9 pm EST in New Zealand?


What is 3PM eastern time in central time?

3:00pm EST is 2:00pm CST.

Which states have parts in another time zone?

States of the United States that are in more than one time zone are, in alphabetical order,... Alaska (MeST, AKST/AKDT & HAST/HADT) Arizona - March to November only (MST & MST/MDT) Florida (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Idaho (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) Indiana (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Kansas (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Kentucky (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Michigan (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Nebraska (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Nevada (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) North Dakota (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Oregon (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) South Dakota (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Tennessee (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Texas (CST/CDT & MST/MDT)

What is the time difference between 2pm mst and 2pm pdt?

There is no difference. If it is 2:00 PM Mountain Standard Time then it is 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.... :).

If it is 2PM est in America what time would it be in California?

11AM pst.