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42 N-m is about 30.98 ft-lbs.

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Q: What is 42 newton meters in foot pounds?
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How many meters is 3 foot 6 inches?

42 inches = 1.0668 meters.

What is length and breadth of 42 square meters?

The answer is in the question. 42 square meters would be 42 meters long, 42 meters wide, 42 meters from corner to corner. To convert the 42 square meters into yards, there is .84 meters in one square yard, .09 square meters in a square foot. I realize that the Metric System is difficult to learn at first, but you will get the hang of it.

How many square meters is equal to 42 square foot?


About how many feet is 42 meters?

A foot is 0.3048 meters. So that would give you 137.79 feet.

How many pounds of portland cement in 1 cubic foot?

94 pounds or 42. 72 kgs

What is 42 inches in meters?

42 inches = about 1 meter. (1.0668 meters)Rounded, 42 inches is 1.07 meters.

What should a 42 year old 5 foot 8 male weigh?

150 pounds is ideal(give or take a few pounds and your fine)

How many pounds in one cubic foot of soil?

I found this answer on a forum online. I don't know who Reade is, but the variety of answers seemed very knowledeable. I have data from Reade on the following types of soil. Earth, loam, dry, excavated - 78 pounds/cubic foot Earth, moist, excavated - 90 pounds/cubic foot Earth, wet, excavated - 100 pounds/cubic foot Earth, dense - 125 pounds/cubic foot Earth, soft loose mud - 108 pounds/cubic foot Earth, packed - 95 pounds/cubic foot Earth, Fullers, raw - 42 pounds/cubic foot

How many meters are in 42 feet?

42 meters = 137.8 (137.79527559055) feet.Direct Conversion Formula 42 m*1 ft0.3048 m=137.7952756 ft

How many miles are in 42 meters?

42 meters = 0.0260975901 miles.

How many meters in 42 feet?

42 feet = 12.8016 meters

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