What is 975 silver jewelry?

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When a piece of jewelry has been engraved with 975 it means sterling silver. It stands for 92.5 percent pure silver with 7.25 percent being a alloy added to make it stronger.

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Q: What is 975 silver jewelry?
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Will the 975 stamped jewelry ever give you a green finger?

Silver stamped 975 will not turn your finger green.

What is 975 silver worth?

The value depends on the weight of what has the 975 stamp on it. This means the silver content of the piece is 97.5% pure silver. Take it to a jeweler and have it weighed.

What does 975 stamped jewelry mean?

"925" markings on sterling silver defines it as 92.5% pure silver with 7.25% being a strengthening alloy,usually copper. A "975" marking can only mean 97.5 % pure silver and indicates a high quality sterling item. It is not often seen,and my guess is that this must be a very old piece or a newer item that uses extra sterling silver in its production. Either way,if you own a "975",you have a very nice piece of sterling !!

What is RSC jewelry?

"R.S. Covenant fashion jewelry is crafted in the same manner as 14/18 k gold jewelry." It is beautiful synthetic stones. I am currently wearing an RSC ring of .975 sterling silver with CZ and sapphire. Looks real, but isn't. only $15!

Is there a better grade of silver than 975?

Yes, .999 which is 99.9% pure silver.

What is 975 silver?

Is an alloy that consists of 97.5% pure silver, and the rest is probably copper.

You have jewelry that is stamped 975 what does it mean?

The 975 stamp is used to denote fine sterling silverl it give me a green finger after a while since its over copper

What is M J I silver jewelry?

montreaux jewelry inc

What does 975 mean on earrings?

975 means it is 97.5% Sterling silver and the rest is copper, this means it is very good quality and very hard to come across. Most sterling silver is 925 which is 92.5% sterling silver.

What does 88 mean on old silver jewelry?

what does 88 on silver jewelry

What does 80 SR mean when stamped on silver jewelry?

When silver jewelry is stamped 80 SR it means that the jewelry is 80% silver.

What does KC or 975 engraved inside a ring mean?

Sterling silver

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