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No serial number provided.

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by the serial number.........................

Junior Colt .25 with that serial number was made in 1973.

value depends on overall condition................

hi i also have a colt 22 cal. short derringer and ive seen them in pawn shops and on the web ranging from 400-600 $ all according to what condition its in hope this helps

Impossible to answer without the serial number. You can also contact Colt

colt model 1908 hammerless, 25 cal. serial # 25297 made about 1911................ has Colt serial number has Colt serial number tables.

A Colt .44 1860 army model with serial number 35 was made in 1860, the first year of production.

what model and cal. pistol/revolver ????????????

No serial number provided.

Impossible to answer without the serial number. They were made between 1877 and 1912

colt model 1903 hammerless ,32 cal made about 1920

If it is a Colt lightming rifle it was made about 1900.

Colt's records, R.L. Wilson's The Book of Colt Firearms to name a few.

colt hammerless 32 cal. model 1903. #253741 made 1917

The sn you list does not appear in any published date. Call Colt.

A few hundred to multiple thousands of USD depending on condition.

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