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Q: What is Addressing an inanimate object?
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Is kitchen an inanimate object?

yes it's an inanimate object,because its not having life

Is Xbox an inanimate object?

Inanimate object is an object without life. So basically an Xbox 360 has no life.

How can you use the word inanimate in a sentence?

This is an inanimate object.

Can you show inanimate in a sentence?

A piece of wood is an inanimate object.

Did time is inanimate object?

Is time an inanimate object maybe? The answer is no. Time is actually a concept not something that actually exists.

Is rain and Inanimate object?


What is the difference between dead object and inanimate object?

inanimate objects were never alive dead objects were once alive.

What do you call it when an inanimate object is compared to an animal?

When an inanimate object is compared to an animal, it is called personification. When the object is given human characteristics specifically, it is called anthropomorphization.

How do you use inanimate in a sentence?

A piece of wood is an inanimate object. OR: Items that are not living are considered an inanimate item.

Is a mobile phone an inanimate object?

Yes it is. An inanimate object is something that does not move unless moved; therefore a mobile phone is an inanimate object. If place on the floor it does not move unless a call cause the phone to vibrate or is move by a person.

What food do North America eats?

North America is a Continent, an inanimate object. Of cause being an inanimate object a continent does not eat.

Is your hair an inanimate object?

If your hair is attached to you and you are an animate object than no but if your hair was not attached to you (fell out) than I guess it would be inanimate. :)

How do you meet china?

"China" is porcelain or a country, inanimate objects. You can not 'meet' an inanimate object.

What is the only inanimate symbol in the zodiac?

Libra, symbolized by scales of justice; an inanimate object.

What is the definition of inanimate?

Inanimate means not having life or spirit; lacking consciousness or power of motion. An object that has no life, like a teddy bear for example, is an inanimate object. Though plants are living organisms, they are considered inanimate objects.

Is a bell an inanimate object?

yes,a bell is an inanamate object.

Is eraser an inanimate object?


Is an atom an inanimate object?


Is the internet an inanimate object?


Is a heart an inanimate object?

yes , it can be .

How India give thanks?

India is a county, an inanimate object. Inanimate objects can not give thanks.

Is the sun a carnivore?

No, the Sun is an inanimate object, a star. Inanimate objects are not part of the food chain.

Do sails have lungs?

No, a sail is an inanimate object.

Is a photo album an inanimate object?


Composition of autobiography of an inanimate object?