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Listening to old songs is what Aamir Likes. It is his one of the favorite hobby. He also likes watching TV.

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listening old songs

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Q: What is Amir Khan's hobby?
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What is Amir Khans cell number?


Who is amir khans girlfriend?

Akila Musa from Blackburn

How being a Muslim affect amir khans life?

it didnt

Who is amir Khans biggest fan?

amir khans biggest fan is triple h,hbk,Tyson,steven jerade,john cena,mark henrey,mr perfect although he died.mostly chris Jericho and jeffrey Freddie hardy.

Who is amir Khans girlfiend?

Amir khan's girlfriend name is Kiran rao. Kiran rao is infact his wife. They both have been married and are living happily.

Where can you purchase amir khan boxing shorts or equipment?

You can purchase shorts in the same style as Amir Khans at Suzi Wong Creations They make all Khans official kit for Reebok. They also make Ricky Hattons, James DeGale, Calzaghe, Frankie Gavin, etc etc. Check out the web page.

Does anyone have pictures or videos of haroon khan amir khans brother?

yeh , jus type in google , haroon khan amir khans bro or somet like that n it all comes up.

Who would win in a fight out of amir khan and Bruce Lee?

Bruce lee. even amir khans speed and power could not match Bruce's. khan would get outboxed on every level. and that's the reality of it all.

What is amir khans favorite food?

Amir Khan's favourite food is Choley Bathure. He spoke about this thing in an interview. He told the interviewers that it was his favourite food because he used to eat that daily in his college days along with his friends.

When is amir khans next fight?

He fights Ukrainian boxer Andriy Kotelnik on June 27th for Kotelnik's WBA Light-welterweight title.

What is amir Khans sisters name?

Aamir Khan also has a sister. The name of the sister is not famous. Jiya Khan is the name of sister of Aamir.

Who is amir khans girlfriends name?

Aamir khan currently does not have any girlfriend. He is infact married to Kiran Rao who is a bollywood movie director. He is very happy to be with her and does not want any more girlfriends.

What 3 khan is popular?

3 khans which are popular are - amir, salman and shahrukh. 3 of them are very popular due to their celebrity status. All 3 act very well and produce good movies.

What is Imran Khans religion?

= Imran khans religion = Imran khans religion is Islam

Was known as the Khan of Khans'?

Shah Rukh is known as the King of Khans. These Khans are famous for ruling the Bollywood. They have made an impact all over the industry.

How much does amir khan earn for 1 fight?

in amir khans first pro fight he got 20 thousand but know he is getting up to 700k a fight he is only 21 but when his around 23 24 and so on he will get around 1 million a fight if he wins and even when he losses he gets pad half of the wich is 500 when he retires in about 13 year he would have earned up to 45 miliion

What do you think about Khans?

I think Shahrukh is sexy, I think Salman is good from the heart, I think Amir is cute, and I think Saif is handsome.

The names of of Genghis Khans children?

Genghis Khans children were Ben Dover and Patrick Star and Spongebob Sqaurepants

Does anyone have pictures or videos of haroon khan amir khans brother or know where i can find any?

This article is from 2006 but shows the brothers. There is also a vid of him fighting on youtube -

What nicknames does Amir Badri go by?

Amir Badri goes by Amir.

What contrast is made between amir and hassan?

Amir is selfish and Hassan is humble and loyal to Amir. Hassan is a Hazara, Amir is a pashtun. Amir is granted to right to get an education, Hassan is not.

When was Amir Yakoub al-Amir Mahmoud born?

Amir Yakoub al-Amir Mahmoud was born on 1971-05-09.

What happen to amir's mother?

Amir's mother died when giving birth to Amir.

What nicknames does Amir Madani go by?

Amir Madani goes by Amir Madani.

What nicknames does Diana Amir go by?

Diana Amir goes by Diana Amir.