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Q: What is Another name of convex and concave lens?
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What is another name for a convex lens?

Concave and convex can refer the types of lenses used to treat refractive errors in the eyes. Concave is another word for myopic lens and convex is another name for a hyperopic lens also known as nearsighted and farsighted respectively

What is another name for concave lens?

A concave lens is otherwise known as a diverging lens.

What happens when a light hits a lens?

If light is incident of a convex lens, light will meet at the focal point, on the other side of the lens. In case of concave lens, light will be diverged. Convex and concave lens are very important in study of optics.

which following is another name for a concave lens?

Diverging lens

There are 3 types of filet welds name them?

concave, convex and the other one which is niether concave or convex

Name of a transparent and convex shaped lens?

name of a transparent and convex shaped lens

What is a name of a converging lens?

Converging lens is a convex lens.

What is a name for convex molding?

A convex moulding on a cornice is called a TORUS if it is semi-circular or an OVOLO if its not. When combined with a concave moulding it is called a CYMA where the concave is at the top or a OGEE where the convex is at the top.

What's the name of a curved lens that is thicker in the middle?

it is a convex lens .

What is another name for the eyepiece of a microscope?

AnswerOcular Lens is another name for the eyepiece of a compound microscope.

Name the lens that always forms virtual image?

concave lens always forms a virtual image

Name two types of curved mirrors?

Two types of curved mirrors are: concave and convex.