What is Arab's race?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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they are a race if my research is correct

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Q: What is Arab's race?
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What is the name of the race of people in Egypt?

The majority are Arabs, a minority are Copts.egyptions

What is the difference between Arab and Kurd?

Kurds are from the Iranic race and are indo european. The Arabs are semetic. Also note that Arab is a culture not a race. There is just one requirment, you have to be semetic and have to be able to speak Arabic as your mothertounge otherwise you are not a Arab. The real Arabs are the Arabs of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The other "Arabs" have been Arabinised and have other ancestry.

Are Islam followers and Arabs the same?

AnswerThey are not the same.Islam followers are called Muslims. Islam is a religion and faith.Arabs are belonging to a race or nationality.Not all Muslims are Arabs (

Are Arabs ugly?

No. Arabs are just as beautiful or ugly as every other race. See some pictures of Arab celebrities linked below.

Did Michael Jackson hate Arabs?

No he never hated Arabs or any other race/religion.

What is the Arabs' holy building?

Arab is a race, not a religion. Arabs can be of whatever religion they choose. If they are Christian, they attend a church. If they are Muslim, they attend a mosque. So on and so forth.

What do you call people who are scared of Arabs?

People who are scared of Arabs are generally called "uneducated" or "misinformed". Fear of a "type" of person or race is a form of racism called discrimination.

Is Jews and Arabs are a race or not?

yes both are races as well as notionalities which may make you confused

Which race lost Malta to the Normans?

The Normans from the Duchy of Normandy relieved Malta and Sicily from the Arabs in 1091

What race is Hebrew?

Hebrew is a language, not a race. If you are asking what ethnic group speaks Hebrew, then the majority of Hebrew speakers are Jews. The largest minority that speaks Hebrew are Arabs.

Why some Arabs are gay?

Being gay has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, religion, or national original. About 3% to 8% of society is gay, regardless of where you look.

Are Muslims and Arabs well-educated?

Like all other groups, some are and some aren't. Also, remember that not all Arabs are Muslim and vice-versa. Islam is a religion, where as Arabian is a race.