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ARES- Ares is the Greek God of War. His Roman name is Mars and he had an affair with Aprhodite. He was often depicted as a warrior with a spear and shield.

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What is the god Ares famous for?

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Does Ares have any famous quotes?


Who did the god Ares have an affair with?

The Greek god Ares had a very famous affair with Aphrodite, goddess of love.

What was Ares famous for?

Another name for Mars, the god of war.

What is Ares most famous for?

Besides being the God of War?

What was the Greek god Ares famous for?

Ares was famous for being the Greek god of war. He was known as Mars in Roman mythology. He had a well-known affair with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

Why did Ares fear Athena?

Ares feared Athena because of her wisdom in battle. A famous saying from Athena herself: "Strength must bow down to wisdom" Ares had strength, Athena had wisdom.

When did Ares the greek god do his most famous acts?

His affair with Aphrodite

Who is known as the Lord of War in Greek mythos?

The Lord of War in Greek Mythos is Ares. Ares is the son of Zeus known as the the father of the Gods and Hera. One of the more famous myths about Ares is his affair with Aphrodite.

What is god Ares famous for?

Killing people, war, blood, cowardice, etc.

What is the famous pet of Ares god of war?

Ares the god of war pets is shockingly named zeus but not named after great ruler zeus he named his pet was namded in honer to ares slave zeus and all though ares is the god of war he still showed respect for all his slaves.

Did Aphrodite have any children with Ares?

Yes, the most famous being Eros, or Cupid.

What did the Romans call Ares?

They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.

What were Zeus most famous children?

Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Ares, Hephaestus and Dionysus.

Who were all of Ares lovers?

he had many lovers, but his mos famous affair was with Aphrodite the goddess of Love and Beauty.

What famous gods lived in pylos?

Ares certainly favored it, as his son Pylos may have been king there.

Was the god Ares an Olympian or was it Aris the son of Ares?


What is it Ares?

ares is a weridy

In what year did Ares Management LP - ARES - have its IPO?

Ares Management L.P. (ARES)had its IPO in 2014.

What did Ares control?

Ares wasn't a ruler. Ares was god of War and a coward.

Who will win Ares or hepestus?


What did Ares believed in?

he believed in ares

Who is older Ares or Athens?

Well Ares is a god, and Athens is a city named after Athena, Ares' half-sister, so Ares.

What is the market cap for Ares Management LP ARES?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Ares Management L.P. (ARES) is $4,200,050,185.50.

What famous stars are in the constellation scorpius?

The most famous star is Antares. It's a GIANT red star that represents the heart of the Scorpion. The name Antares means "rival of Ares" - we all know Ares better by his latin name - Mars. Some people often confuse Antares with the planet Mars...

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