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Athena's nickname was "Grey-eyed"

Correct Answer - Parthenos ( Just Took A Test, Got a 100%) (:

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What was Athenas nickname?

She doesn't really have a nickname but, Her Roman name is Minerva, and Minerva is on the Medal of Honor

What is Athenas symbol?

is wisdom the owl is athenas symbol

What was Athenas father name?

Athenas father was zeus, the great god of the heaven

Who is Athenas dad?

Athenas dad was none other than the king of the gods of olympus, Zeus

Was Athena the protector of the athenas?

Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom. There is no tribe called the athenas. Athena protected heroes of war.

What was Athena weapons?

what is athenas weapon

Who were Athenas children?

She never had any children.

What was Athenas brother's name?

Athena has no siblings.

What was Athenas power?

Her power is kissing, its amazing.

What is Athenas symbol and why?

The owl - it represents intelligence

Who is Athenas child?

She does not have children she is a virgin goddess

What was Athenas contributions?

no one can answer it:) hope you like my answer!!

What were Athenas strengths?

Wisdom and battle plans

Who is Athenas partner?

Virgin< didnt have one

Who was athenas mommy?

Athena's mother was Metis.

What r Athenas interest?

her interest were in arts and crafts.

What were Athenas symbols?

owl, olives, spears and Shields.

How are Athena and zeus related?

AtHenas father is zeus

What is Athenas responsibility?

Athena was to look over athens

What are ALL athenas powers?

They are untold in Greek Myth.

Who are some of athenas kids?

She had none, she was a virgin goddess

Did Athena have pets?

One of Athenas pets was her owl

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