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Bella doesn't seem to watch TV and if she does it doesn't say in the books, but she does read a lot, especially the classics like Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliette.

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Q: What is Bella Swan's favorite show?
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What is Bella Swans favorite book?

Wuthering Heights.

What is Bella Thorne's Favorite TV Show?

her favorite TV Show is.... Austin and Ally i know this cuz im her cousin(:

What is Bella Swans favorite song?

The lullaby made for her by Edward! (Bella's Lullaby)

What is Bella's favorite show?

south park

Who are Bella Swans best friends?

Well, the cullens basically are her favorite people. But humans would be Angela, Mike, Jessica, and Eric.

What is Bella Thorne's Favorite show?

The Vampire Diaries

What is Bella Swans favorite color?

Bella told Edward that her favorite color changed because of her mood. In the scene in the book, she told Edward it was brown because she felt warm on that day.

Who plays Bella Swans grandma?

Bella's grandmother/old Bella is played by Christina Jastrzemska

What Was Bella Swans Gran Called?


What was the name of Bella Swans grandmother?

Grandma Marie. Bella called her Gran.

Who is Bella Swans husband?

Edawrd Cullen is Bella's husband. -Edward Cullen

What is Bella Swans favorite saying?

I'm Not Sure, But Of Reading A Few Times, She Seems To Say 'I'm Fine' Alot, Including When She Isn't Fine.