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She isn't wearing anything. Edward removes her clothes so her daughter can be born. She almost dies in childbirth so then he bites her

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In "Twilight," Bella is wearing a blue blouse, jeans, and sneakers when she gets bitten by James.

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Q: What is Bella wearing when she gets bitten?
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Does Bella get bitten in twilight?

Yes! Bella get bitten by James.

How old is Bella when she gets bitten?

18 she got changed 3 days before her 19th birthday

Does Jacob get bitten by Bella or edward?

No Jacob does not get bitten by them. But he does by renesmee but she is harmless to him.

Does Bella get bitten in eclipse?

no she doesn't

What does harry get bitten by?

In what book? In the second he gets bitten by a basilisk, in the fourth he gets bitten by a giant spider, in the seventh he gets bitten by Nagini, Voldemort's snake.

In Twilight what part does Edward bite Bella?

Actually Bella get's bitten by James the tracker but Edward sucks out the venom ,she gets bitten when she becomes pregnant because her baby is half human and half vamp so it's killing her inside and then Edward has to bite her because she is about to die

What hand did Bella get bitten on?

right hand

What were Edward and Bella wearing on there second date?

Edward was wearing a tuxedo and Bella was wearing a short dress

In new moon does Bella's dad get bitten by Victoria?


Did reneesmee bitten Bella?

When Reneesmee was born Edward gave her to Bella, Then Reneesmee bit Bella. (Reneesme cannot harm Bella because she is not venomous)

What happened when Bella was in the hospital?

She was bitten by James in the first series.

What song is playing after Bella gets bitten by James in the twilight movie?

IT IS THE LULABY EDWARD MADE FOR HER,IN FACT HE EVEN SINGSIT ON YOUTUBE actually that's not true with the first answer, so im here to fix it....the song when she is flashbacking and freaking out is "Let me sign" by Robert Pattinson...