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Q: What is Belmont University known for?
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What is Belmont University university known for?


What is belmont's mascot?

Belmont University's mascot is a bruin named Bruiser.

Who was belmont University named after?

the land the university now occupies was known as the Belle Monte estate, the Victorian home of one of Tennessee’s wealthiest couples, Joseph and Adelicia Acklen. Who actually named the estate "Belle Monte" is unclear. this information came from the Belmont University website

Where is Belmont University in Tennessee?


What is Belmont known for?


What University is in Nashville?

There are actually 17 colleges in Nashville. Some of the four year colleges in Nashville are Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, Tennessee State University and Lipscomb University.

When was Belmont University created?

Hillview School For Girls was created in 1854.

What are Belmont University's 25th-75th percentile ACT scores?

Belmont University's 2014 25th-75th percentile ACT scores are 25-32 on the English section, 23-28 on the Math section, and 24-29 Composite.

List of Castlevania 5 greatest belmonts?

Leon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Juste Belmont, Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont

What actors and actresses appeared in Belmont Butts In - 1914?

The cast of Belmont Butts In - 1914 includes: Joseph Belmont as Belmont

What actors and actresses appeared in Belmont Stung - 1913?

The cast of Belmont Stung - 1913 includes: Joseph Belmont as Belmont

What schools from major conferences have never won an NCAA tourney game?

Belmont, Vermont, Norfolk St,