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Bugs Bunny does not have a middle name .

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Q: What is Bugs Bunny middle name?
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What was Bugs Bunny's original name?

Bugs BunnyThe original prototype of Bugs Bunny was nameless. Bugs Bunny was originally called Bugs Bunny.

The name of a male rabbit?

bugs bunny? bugs bunny?

What is Bugs Bunny full name?

"Bugs Bunny" is the cartoon character's full name .

What was the female bunny's name on Bugs Bunny?

Lola bunny

What is name of the Bugs Bunny episode when Bugs Bunny meets a lion in the circus?

Acrobatty Bunny (1946), directed by Robert McKimson.

What is bugs bunnies scientific name?

Bugs Bunny = Lagomorph .

Who was bugs and how did he get that name?

Bugs Bunny is named after director Ben "Bugs" Hardaway .

What is the name of the Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs Bunny gets shot by elmer fudd?

"Rabbit Fire"

What is the girls bunny name that Bugs Bunny loves in the cartoon?

Lola. She is so pretty. I Recall Seeing A Bugs Bunny Animated Short Where Bugs Bunny Is In Love With A Bunny Named Daisy Lou, & That Bugs Bunny & A Bunny Named Casaba Battle For Daisy Lou,s Attention.

What is Bugs Bunny's real name?

Bugs Bunny's name is Bugs Bunny , but not to be confused with Bugs' prototype's name Happy Rabbit .

When Bugs Bunny first appeared what was his original name?

it was hoppy bunny

What is the name of the Bugs Bunny cartoon when Bugs is supposed to have his brain switched with a chicken's?

"Hot Cross Bunny", my friend.

What is the name of the cat in the Bugs Bunny and twitty show?

In the Bugs Bunny and Tweetie cartoons, the cat was "Sylvester the Cat".

Did elmer fudd from Bugs Bunny have a middle name?

Yes it just shows a "J." So i know it starts with a J.

Who is the real Bugs Bunny?

Ben "Bugs" Hardaway , the creator of Bugs Bunny (Bug'sBunny) .

What was Bugs Bunny name in 1935?

'Happy Rabbit' debuted in 1938, morphing into 'Bugs Bunny' in 1940. There was no prototype in 1935.

Did Bugs Bunny have a mother?

Technically , no , Bugs Bunny did not have a mother but Bugs Bunny did have two fathers such as Bugs Hardaway and Tex Avery who created the cartoon character of Bugs Bunny .

What was Bugs Bunny's nephew's name?

Bugs Bunny,s nephew,s name was Clyde.

What is bugs bunny's mother's name?

Wanda J. Bunny is the name of Bugs Bunny's mother.

Where did Bugs Bunny originate from?

Charlie Thorson , an animator , referred to " Bugs' " Bunny in honor of Bugs Hardaway . Ben "Bugs" Hardaway was the director of the third Bugs Bunny cartoon entitled "Hare-um Scare-um" .The name stuck and became definitive .

How did Bugs Bunny got his name?

The name of 'Bugs Bunny' came from the character design from Ben "Bugs" Hardaway who sketched one of the first prototypes of the character with the last version by Tex Avery being the one we now know as the definitive Bugs Bunny .A staff member referred to Hardaway's design as Bug's Bunny - note the apostrophe .

What is the name of the rabbit in looney toons?

Bugs Bunny

What the name of the sitcom with a talking rabbit?

Bugs Bunny!

What is the cats name in Bugs Bunny?

Sylvester the cat

Is the name Bugs Bunny copyright?

Yes , it is trademarked .