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What is CRP?

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CRP is C-Reactive Protein; determined from a blood test that tests for the C Reactive Proteins which are are indicators of inflammation in the blood.

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What is a normal crp?

Normal CRP values vary from lab to lab. Generally, there is no CRP detectable in the blood.

What is the stock system name for CrP compound?

CrP is chromium phosphide.

What the binary ionic compound name for CrP?

CrP is chromium phosphide or chromium(III) phosphide

What does CRP 10K mean inside a gold ring?

I have a ring that has crp 10k printed on the inside. What does it mean?

What is the difference between crp and hs-crp?

This link provides an excellent answer, here is the text except that explains that. Questions ---- 1. What are chronic inflammatory diseases?2. What is the difference between regular CRP and hs-CRP tests?1. What are chronic inflammatory diseases? "Chronic inflammatory diseases" is a non-specific term used to characterize long-lasting or frequently recurring bouts of inflammation as associated with a more specific disease. This can be caused by a number of different pathological conditions such as arthritis, lupus, or inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease).2. What is the difference between regular CRP and hs-CRP tests? Both tests measure the same molecule in the blood. The high sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) test measures very small amounts of CRP in the blood and is ordered most frequently for seemingly healthy people to assess their potential risk for heart problems. It measures CRP in the range from 0.5 to 10 mg/L. The regular CRP test is ordered for patients at risk for infections or chronic inflammatory diseases (see Question #1). It measures CRP in the range from 10 to 1000 mg/L.

Is 18 a normal crp?


What should a normal CRP count be?

CRP levels should be up to 4.9 mg/L; see related link.

What does 14K CRP stand for in gold jewelry?

I believe it stands for "CRP Jewellery Co, LTD" located in (Bangkok) Thailand.

Is the elevated CRP a normal phenomenon?

no crp is acute phase protein rises in response to inflammation,infection and neoplastic diseases

What is CRP Quantitative?


What does the medical abbreviation CRP HS mean?

CRP HS is not a blood disorder; it's a chemical in the blood (C reactive protein).

How high CRP can get?

CRP levels should be up to 4.9 mg/L, But personally, I have been very ill and the doctors said ''352 crp level'' and this meant I was extremely ill.. (i am okay now though!)., they said it should be below 10.

What does elevated cardio crp mean?


What is the chemical formula for chromium phosphide?


What colour blood bottle for crp?


What color tube is used for CRP?


What is the name of the compound CrP?

chromium phosphide

Who was jeffersons Davis father?

supper crp

What is the formula for chromium III Phosphide?


Is there a blood test for arthritis?

CRP test

Where is the Friends Of The Coliseum in Crp Christi Texas located?

The address of the Friends Of The Coliseum is: Po Box 331300, Crp Christi, TX 78463-1300

What is CRP in blood?

CRP is also known as C-Reactive Protein. It basically shows inflammation in the body. It can be high for a variety of reasons. A heart attack would have a CRP to be high. It can also be high due to an illness, or even a flare up in conditions such as lupus.

Is 10 kt crp real gold?

"10kt CRP" means that your item is 10 karat gold.The CRP doesn't mean much. It is the manufacturers mark and identifies who made it, which does not affect the value by much nor does it identify the metal quality. I have identified CRP as a jewellery making company in Thailand.The best way to test the metal quality is to visit a jeweller who can perform a test on it.

What does the acronym CRP stand for?

Congestion Relief Program

What is the full form of crp?

Conference Room Pilot