What is Christmas?

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Simply put, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus


Additional input:

  • Traditionally, it's supposed to be a celebration of the birth

    of Jesus Christ. Historically, it's "winter festival". Christmas is

    just a couple days following the "shortest day" for the northern

    hemisphere. That means that the north poll of the earth's axis is

    pointing AWAY from the Sun. As the earth continues it's trip around

    the Sun, the days start to get longer. According to older European

    celebrations, when the Sun started back north, there was reason to

    celebrate and that was the beginning of the Winter Festival. When

    Constantine united Europe under the "Universal Religion", he

    incorporated several of the more familiar holidays into the

    religion he needed to unite Europe. Winter festival is about the

    rebirth of the land so it was generally felt that Christmas would

    fit in. While Constantine's efforts to unite Europe eventually

    failed, his Catholic (universal) religion continues today.

  • Check out some books by John M. Allegro, as I understand he is

    a professor at Salford University. He helped decipher the Dead Sea

    Scrolls. One book of his in particular, called the "Sacred Mushroom

    and the Cross," explains many links between the old traditions from

    the Pagan rituals that have been adopted by the Christian faith. It

    will explain some of the reasons we use Santa, the reindeer, the

    red and white colors, etc. He also explains how some of the

    miracles that Jesus performed can be easily explained with everyday

    occurrences -- all very interesting and rather controversial. I

    would be happy to divulge more if you have the time and you are


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