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he's a strong supporter of the green party.

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he has no political affiliation

His political affiliation is unknown.

What has political affiliation has to do with Murder rates???

Political ideology is one's affiliation with a certain line of political thinking, and the different values and ideals that coincide with that affiliation.

Political party affiliation describes which political party a particular candidate, office holder or voter is a member.

Santa doesn't have a political affiliation. He stays out of that sort of thing, and does what he can to make kids happy everywhere.

George Washington had no party affiliation.

The age, color, cost, or political affiliation of the objects have no effect on the friction between them. Well, maybe their political affiliation . . .

The term "political affliction" does not exist. If you mean "political affiliation", he is a Democrat.

The same as a non-convicts.

Spanish sculptor Joan Miro is known for many eye catching pieces of work. During his life, his political affiliation was unknown.

Jimmy Dean followed his own political affiliation.

While he has never revealed his affiliation, from what he has said one can deduce that he has Republican leanings.

The feeling of attachment or loyalty we have for a political party

John Garamendi is a Democratic.

Dwight Eisenhower was a Republican

He was a member of the Democratic Party.

Moderate (centrist) Republican.

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