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What is Currency Adjustment Factor?

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A freight surcharge or adjustment factor imposed by an international carrier to offset foreign currency fluctuations. In some cases an emergency currency adjustment factor (ECAF) may be applied when a charge or rate has been originally published in a currency that is experiencing sustained or rapid decline. The CAF is charged as a percentage of the freight.

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What does it mean by caf in shipping terms?

Abbreviation for "Currency Adjustment Factor." A charge, expressed as a percentage of a base rate, that is applied to compensate ocean carriers of currency fluctuations

How is the bunker adjustment in international trade calculated?

The Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF), also known as the Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor (CABAF - sea freight), is applied by shipping lines or liner conferences to offset the effect of fluctuations in the cost of bunkers (oil). Here is the best Web site to visit for a complete explanation of BAF calculations:

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What does FAF charge mean?

FAF = Fuel Adjustment Factor

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BAF is a Bunker Adjustment Factor applied ot imported goods, to allow for flcutuations in fuel surcharges.

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