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Q: What is Delta One Total Return Swap?
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Yes, you can change the diode configuration. a diode will only let electricity flow in one direction. See also Delta- Y, and whetstone bridge.

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Can you change your Delta Companion Fare flight after travel has begun for one passenger and not the other (on the return flight one passenger returning and the other returning later)?

Si se puede

What are the average rates for Northwestern Airlines?

There is no Northwestern Airlines, they were bought out by Delta. There are no "average pay rates" for Delta Airlines, as now it is all based on one way, return flight, and how much baggage will be carried. A one way flight might be more expensive for someone planning to check in more than one bag.

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Why star delta starter is more efficient?

The star-delta starter allows the motor to start with one third its normal power, minimizing inrush current and heating, thus extending the life of the motor and its control center. When a motor is connected in star the total output torque is only a third of the total torque that could be produced running in delta. Please see related questions and links.