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Board directors and board members may sit on the same board. However, members do not have a power of veto, and the board of directors does.


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There really is no difference, they are interchangeable terms. Either entity includes the officers and other members who have usually been elected by a larger Board of Directors to oversee the performance of the organization's management and to suggest policy changes to the Board of Directors.

The management board controls and monitors the company's management and performance. The management and performance goals have been set by the board of directors.

It is generally a requirement that all members of a board of directors hold stock in the company.

The number of allowable board members are outlined in an organization's bylaws.

As you have written - a board (of Directors)

No. The management company implements policy. It is the Board of Directors, responsive to the will of the members, that sets policy. It's the difference between the butler and the homeowner!

There is no standard minimum amount of people required to be on a Board of Directors. The average size of the Board of Directors is about 9 members for most companies.

Independent directors are members of the board of directors who are not also employed by the company. The president or vice-president of a company who is on the board is not an independent director.

They oversee a company and answer to stock holders. The board of directors provides the company with direction and advice. It is the responsibility of the board of directors to ensure that the company fulfills its mission statement. In doing so, the board of directors frequently sets the company's policy objectives. A good board of directors should include knowledgeable and experienced business people. From: http:/ A board of directors should NOT be made up of friends and relatives; one or two members can be friends or acquaintances if they are business people or experienced board members.

An executive board consists of executive directors who are selected for day-to-day business. A supervisory board consists of individuals selected by stockholders and employees that are non-executive directors. The supervisory board members promote the interests of the company, and hire and supervise the executive board.

A nominating committee is appointed by the board of directors to research and propose prospective members to the full board when there is a vacancy on the board of directors. No prospective board members shall be proposed unless approved by the nominating committee.

A board of directors is the group of individuals responsible for the strategic management of a corporation. Some of the board of directors titles are Chairman or President, Vice Chair or Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Members.

The collective noun for directors is a board of directors.

There are 51 Google directors.....but i do not know their is kinda confidential..

Board members are elected to their positions. In some case they run for them, in others they are recommended by a committee.

Of the two options offered, 'Board of Directors position' is to be preferred. For clarity, however, you might consider using just 'Director position.' Other alternatives: position on the Board of Directors; Board position; Director on the Board. Note: One director does not make a board.

Board of Directors is correct.

No, the treasurer of the board of directors cannot be the secretary of the board of directors in Nebraska unless it is in the acting capacity.

No, the secretary of the board of directors cannot be the treasurer of the board of directors in Nebraska unless on acting capacity.

Non profits do not, generally, pay the Board of Directors which are volunteer positions. There are certain cases, such as private foundation, in which Board members may be paid. Executive Directors, as staff, are paid positions.

A resolution is written documentation describing an action authorized by the board of directors of a corporation. The minutes are a written document that describes items discussed by the directors during a board meeting, including actions taken and resolutions passed.

The plural form is boards of directors.Example: "Mr. Hamilton sits on two boards of directors."Note: The compound noun 'board of directors' is a common noun unless it is the title of a specific board of directors; for example:"Mr. Hamilton sits on the Abject Board of Directors and the Dismal Board of Directors."The common noun 'board of directors' is not capitalized.

The key word is 'board', the singular subject of the verb: the board was.example: The board of directors was in conference all morning.When using just 'the directors' as the subject: the directors were.example: The directors were in a conference all morning.

In North America it is usually run by a board of directors, nominated by the synagogue members.

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