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What is Docking station?

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A platform into which you can install a portable computer. The docking station typically contains slots for expansion cards, bays for storage devices, and connectors for peripheral devices, such as printers and monitors. Once inserted in a docking station, the portable computer essentially becomes a desktop model computer. When it is taken out, it becomes a portable computer again. Most importantly, the same data is accessible in both modes because it resides on the portable computer's drives. The idea behind docking stations is to let you simultaneously enjoy the expansion possibilities of desktop model computers with the portability of notebook computers. In addition, the docking station enables you to use a full-size keyboard and monitor when you're not traveling. Also To extends the portable's expansion bus so that it can be used with a collection of desktop devices, such as an AC power source, a full-sized keyboard and display monitor, as well as modems, mice, and standard PC port connectors.

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Q: What is Docking station?
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What is a camera docking station?

a station for docking your camera

How do you disconnect a laptop from a docking station?

pull it off the docking station..

When was the first docking station invented?

the first docking station was invented by mr.docking station in 2002.5.

How do you say docking station in french?

Station d'accueil is the correct way to say docking station in french.

What mp3 docking station came first?

when was the first mp3 docking station released?

What is the difference between a docking station and a port replicator?

A docking station has fewer ports.

What is HS code for docking station?

Hs code of monitor docking station .84572090

Can you buy a remote for a docking station?

Well, duh! Almost, every docking station comes with a remote control in the box that the docking station comes in. I have a JPG docking station in the shape of a dohnut and it has a really cool black, shiny remote.

Can you have a docking station in the bathroom?

Yes, if there is an electrical outlet, you can have an iPod docking station in the bathroom (though not recommended due to the water that could damage the iPod and/or the docking station).

What is an average price of a computer docking station?

You can get a docking station for an average price of $120. Price though depends on factors like brand, model and features. PC World contains a comparison list of several docking stations. For example, you can get a Dell docking station from $49 and a Lenovo ThinkPad docking station for $200.

Who produced the first Ipod Docking Stations?

No one is credited with producing the first Ipod Docking Stations. Although, the first docking station was invented by Mr. Docking Station in the year 2002.

How does one use a Dell Inspiron docking station?

The Dell Inspiron docking station is used with a laptop or notebook. One should reference the manual that comes with the docking station for setting it up.

Do you have to have a docking station with the Wii?

What? No

How loud is an iHome docking station?

If you want something portable then yes by all means go with the iHome docking station. the iHome docking station does have a pretty loud speaker especially considering how small it is.

What would the purpose of an iPod docking station be?

There are many features for an iPod docking station, but the main reason why people get the docking station, so they would have a home sized amplifier for their music. It can also charge you iPod.

What is meaning of docking in windows XP?

Docking is the act of connecting a laptop computer to a port replicator or docking station.

How much do docking stations cost?

For Macbooks, you can buy a docking station, for as low as 239.99$. For other computer types are docking stations not so expensive. As an example is the price for a docking station for a Toshiba computer, only 149.99$.

what is the best iPod docking station?

Bose is probably the best iPod docking station. The clarity and the sound is amazing. Your little iPod will produce the most amazing sound with this docking station. Bose and iPod are a great combination.

What is a combination of a laptop monitor stand and docking station called?

There isn't a specific term. Combination is probably close, but there isn't a specific term that only describes a laptop and docking station, apart from maybe 'laptop and docking station'

Where can one find an iPod docking station with alarm clock?

You can find a docking station for a iPod that also has a alarm clock on it at Wall Mart, Best Buy, and target. But if you want to find a good docking station then you should shop online.

Who or what company invented the iPod-mp3 docking station?

The first mp3 docking station was created by SaeHan Information Systems in 1998 and could only be used for the MPMan F10. The iPod docking station was created by Apple and came out in 2003.

How do you charge an mp3 docking station?


Where can you find a cool docking station?


Can you bring a docking station on a plane?

Yes you can

How do you dock a iPod?

Visit your local electronics store, and purchase an iPod docking station. Or you can visit the Apple Website and buy a recommend docking station from them.