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el beso de Don Juan

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Q: What is Don Juan's kiss in Spanish?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Don Juans Overmand - 1916?

The cast of Don Juans Overmand - 1916 includes: Rasmus Christiansen as Peter Pille Kate Fabian Oscar Stribolt as Col. Sejsberg

How do you say Juans uncle in Spanish?

El tío de Juan.

What actors and actresses appeared in Don Juans letztes Abenteuer - 1918?

The cast of Don Juans letztes Abenteuer - 1918 includes: Ferdinand Bonn as Lucian Andrassy Karl Eberlein as Kurt Rhaden Loo Holl as Freundin Rose Lichtenstein as Senta Dessoir Louis Ralph Magda Sonja

What actors and actresses appeared in Don Juan - 1972?

The cast of Don Juan - 1972 includes: Johannes Achtelik as La Violette Margit Bendokat as Donna Elvira - Don Juans Frau Wolfgang Dehler as Don Carlos Horst Drinda as Don Juan - Sohn der Donna Luisa Dieter Franke as Sganarell - Don Juans Diener Wolfgang Greese as Dimanche Thomas Langhoff as Bettler Fred Mahr as Gusman - Elviras Diener Michael Pan as Ragotin Adolf Peter Hoffmann as Don Luis Eckhart Strehle as Pierrot - Fischer

Juans father is Pedro therefore Pedro is the of juans father?


Kiss in Spanish?

"To kiss" in Spanish is "besar". "A kiss" is "un beso".

How do you say kiss in Spanish?

kiss in Spanish is beso.

How big is juans p?


Who is Juans wife?

"Evita" Peron

Can kiss you in spanish?

Puedo besarte? = Can I kiss you?

What does ese beso mean?

"Ese beso" is Spanish for "that kiss." It refers to a specific kiss given or received in the past, with the word "ese" meaning "that" in Spanish.

What are the release dates for 3 Non Juans - 2010 TV?

3 Non Juans - 2010 TV was released on: USA: 4 May 2010