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Q: What is Dork Diaries 7 called?
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Will Dork Diaries 7 come out?

It hasn't came out yet but Dork Diaries 6 is coming out

What is the first Dork Diaries called?

Dork Diaries : Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life

What order to the books go in for Dork Diaries?

1. Dork Diaries 2. Dork Diaries - Party Time 3. Dork Diaries - Pop Star 4. Dork Diaries - Dork Your Own Diary 5. Dork Diaries - Dear Dork 6. Dork Diaries - Skating Sensation

Is there a dork diaries number 7?


What is the price of one Dork Diaries book?

The Dork Diaries at Books-a-million cot $31.91 and is available in a box set.

Which is the second in the dork diaries series?

The second book in the Dork Diaries series is called Tales-From-A-Not-So-Popular-Party-Girl..

What is the symbolism of Dork Diaries?

what is the symbolism in the dork diaries 3

When was Dork Diaries created?

Dork Diaries was created in 2009.

What does ccp stand for in Dork Diaries?

CCP Stands for Cute, Cool and Popular and in Dork Diaries.~Dork Diaries Fan Kelly~

How many points is Dork Diaries 2 for A.R?

Dork diaries

Is Dork Diaries movie a blockbuster?

Well there is no dork diaries movie so,NO!

Is there a Dork Diaries 4 and were?

There isn't a Dork Diaries 4, but it will come in 2012.