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What is Drag Racing?

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September 13, 2011 3:32PM

Drag racing is where 2 cars or bikes race down a quarter mile

and whoever crosses the line first wins the race. There are many

categories in drag racing which include Top Fuel Dragster, Top Fuel

Funny Car, Pro Modified and Pro Stock. There are many different

categories below these but these are the most popular.and the

crashes are awesome

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Drag Racingis where 2 cars race down a measured strip of

asphalt or concrete. NHRA is the National Hot Rod

Association. In the NHRA pro level, whoever reaches the finish

line first wins. IHRA is the International Hot Rod

Association. In IHRA, you dial-in a certain time which your car

will usually run. If you run faster than that, you do something

called Breakout. How you start is you heat your tires by

doing a burnout. then you pull up to something which is called a

Christmas tree. It really isn't a Christmas tree, but it

senses when you break two beams. Which is called staging.

once you and the other driver stage. The Christmas Tree

counts down, as it does 3 lights come on in a certain order. Then

it senses when you take off. two lights represent this. One is

green. One is Red. Green=good start. Red=too early. If you are Red

its called a Redlight

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