NHRA is the National Hot Rod Association. It is one of the premier governing bodies in drag racing. Here, you will find questions on racing classes, drivers, mechanics, or any standing start race for a 1/4 mile or less.

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What does sandbagging means in drag racing?

It means that a driver gets way ahead of the other car, and lets off of the throttle before the finish line, thus running a slower time, than capable. The advantage is a quicker car, racing a slower one.

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Why do dragsters have large back wheels?

they are wide and tall for traction, higher and wider tires increases the tire patch(foot print in contact with the track).

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Why does a race car driver wear arm restraints?

To keep the driver's arms within the car to prevent flailing and cut down on the prospects of arm injury in the event of a rollover incident.


Fastest speed ever by a drag motorcycle?

NHRA pro stock records are 6.87et and 211 mph N/A I-4 or V-twin

The fuel drag bikes are in the high 5s at almost 250 mph!!

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Who are some famous drag racers?

Bill Jenkins, Bob Glidden, Warren Johnson, Don Garlits, Don Prudohme, Shirly Muldowney, John Force.


Why do drag racers spin their tires?

To clean and heat the surface of the tire and to lay down traction for when they stage so they can get a good take off

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What is the name of the movie where guy is drag racing and he has devil figurine hanging on his rearview mirror?

The movie might be The Heavenly Kid from 1985.

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Who won 18th annual Winston world point championship top fuel?

Joe Amoto was the Top Fuel Champion in the 18th year of points champions

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Where did Don Garlits lose a piece of his right foot in 1969?

Garlits suffered a broken left leg and had his right foot severed at the arch when his transmission exploded at Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach, California.

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In drag racing whats a hole-shot win?

In a heads-up (even start) race that would be where the winning car had a slower Elapsed Time than the losing car. This occurs when the winning car and driver leave the starting line sooner then the losing car and even though it took longer to reach the finish line (from the time it left the start to the time it reached the finish) it got there first and won as a result of the better start. In a handicap (uneven start) race such as a bracket race, the same thing occurs additionally taking into account the differences between the handicap times (or dial-ins) and the actual Elapsed Times: The time between the green light coming on (the GO signal) and the car actually leaving the starting line is called the "Reaction Time" and most tracks measure this and supply the information to the driver at the conclusion of the race, on an "Elapsed Time slip" or "ET slip" (the info is printed on a slip of paper). If a driver looks at the results, and sees that he won even with a slower Elapsed Time, he will also see that he had a shorter reaction time. If the difference between 2 drivers' Reaction Times is greater than the difference between their Elapsed Times, the winning driver can claim that he had a "Hole-Shot Win". He won because he had a better Reaction Time even though his car was "slower"... By the way: The expression used to explain why the losing (although "faster") car lost is "He got Treed." For instance you can say: "I treed that duck with a hole shot..."Awesome!

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Dirt Track Racing

Why would racing slicks be burned with a torch then scraped right before a race?

You usually don't see that BEFORE a race, unless it's during a practice session. What they are doing is scraping off rubber that was picked up on the hot tires in order to find the wear indicators. These are little "holes" in the tire surface. By measureing how deep the hole is, it tells them how much rubber is left on the tire, which then tells them how much tire wear there was on that run. There are about 5 holes across the tire, and at about 6 places around the tire. So this can tell them a lot about how the car set up is working. By heating and scraping off the build-up, it gives them a more accurate measurement, by making sure they are measureing the surface of the tire, and not the build-up. The build-up is usually picked up when the car drops down to the apron to come into the pits. I have seen teams ruff up tires with a wire brush or in some cases steel for traction

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Should you use a Manual or automatic transmission for drag racing?

You can use either. A manual requires more skill, however, they make clutchless manuals, now, and most automatics for racing, are full manual.

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What does it mean if a card is from a bank but it has NHRA or Elk's or something different on it?

Almost all CCC's offer a choice of "vanity cards". For instance if you belong to the Elks, you can have the org. insignia placed on your Visa or MC or whatever. Or if you are car enthusiast, the NHRA.

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What does DA mean in drag racing?

Density Altitude. The lower the DA, the better cars will perform. It has to do with the desnsity of oxygen in the air. Optimal conditions are low temperature, low humidity and high barometric pressue.

Need for Speed

How do you play drag race in NFS most wanted in ps2?

Firstly, all Drag Races are manual transmission, irrespective if you play the game using automatic transmission mode. So you need to configure 2 gear shift keys. Read on: -

Tune our car for a high revs, fast NOS and tight cornering race.

Keep revs High just before start and use a short burst of NOS at the start to get a good lead. Change gears just before red-lining. Go under Semi's and around cars and obstacles. Shift up and down as required keeping revs just below red line. Again use short bursts of NOS thru corners and up hills etc. Practice, practice , practice.

Keep an Eye on your rear view mirror and block any opponents race line. You can also force an opponent into oncoming traffic and obstacles if close enough.

Steering is a real pain only in Drag Races, and, Drag racing is probably the most busiest of all the races. It would have been a real buzz if the programmers had not killed the steering (at least there are no boring Drift races like in NFS Carbon).

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Where can you find information about the history of Drag Racing?

Go to www.nhra.com This question was asked to several top fuel drivers. They could not come up with a definitive answer. Some said that before there were cars people would have contests between horses to see how far they could drag a log. But they all agreed that drag racing as we know it today started in Southern California.


Where can you find ski racing on television?

Ski racing can be found on Sport 1 or Sport 2.

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How much money does the winner get in NHRA?

not much--poorest paying racing org. in the world--why they do it? who knows

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Where are wally's parents in emerald?

in petalburg city after you defeat youre dad talk to him and he tells you that they would like to see you

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What is the lowest drag racing ET?

Top Fuel 4.428 ET 11/12/06 Tony Schumacher Top Fuel 336.15 M.P.H 05/25/05 Tony Schumacher

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How did Drag Racing start?

This question was asked to several top fuel drivers. They could not come up with a definitive answer. Some said that before there were cars people would have contests between horses to see how far they could drag a log. But they all agreed that drag racing as we know it today started in Southern California.

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Where do you put assembly lube on main bearing when installing?

You don't. Assembly lube should be used on cams, rocker arms, lifters, springs, etc, but not on cranks or main bearings. Assmebly lube is a high pressure lubricant used for initial start up and break in. It will clog the oil galleys on the crank, and may even give false readings when torquing the mains back down. Motor oil will be just fine, more specifically, 5w30 or 10w30 and convential, not synthetic oil should be used.


What is the standard length of drag racing track?

Drag racing is done on 2 different size tracks. A 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile track.

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How is drag racing part of Newton's laws?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The tire is trying to rotate from the power applied from the engine but the traction between the road surface and the tire prevent it so the car HAS to move forward.

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What is the fastest speed ever recorded in a drag race?

National (USA) 1/4 mile Drag Racing records are:

Top Fuel Dragster 4.42 seconds at 336 mph and Funny Car 4.65 at 333 mph.

Jet powered cars and trucks are fast but are not "official" classes competed at regular events...

Jet dragster records: jet semi-truck at 7.42 and 218 mph and jet cars often run under 5 seconds and over 330 mph. The cars often race side by side, but the trucks do not...

Rocket cars powered by fuels such as Hydrogen Peroxide or superheated water and steam, etc., are generally the fastest of all 1/4 mile racers by far, but are uncommon now and do not really "race" as they are exhibition vehicles or experimental...

Rocket statistics:

Sammy Miller ran the 1/4 mile in 3.58 seconds at 386 mph in 2002.

Deaf stunt woman Kitty O'Neill (the movie about her is "Silent Victory") covered a standing start 1/4 mile in 1977 in incredible 3.235 seconds at 412 mph. I believe this was on a desert race course, not a paved race track, and as such there was a lot more shut down area... and alot more camels.

There is a "Swissrocketman" car running in the low 3's at over 450 mph. This organization is involved in rocket powered bicycles, go karts, and wearable rocket belts...Of course, still in the course of production.


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