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What is Dylan Sprouses favorite song?


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His favorite song is:

Naturally by Selena Gomez


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i know coles sprouses favorite is system of a down. not so sure about Dylan

cole and Dylan sprouses dogs name is ................ bubba!

I have heard that Dylan Sprouses favorite ice cream is chocolate. He loves chocolate icecream, chocolate cake, choclate cookies.......

Yes, Dylan has a girlfriend.

his full name is Dylan Thomas Sprouse.

not sure, but he likes rock

Dylan and Cole Sprouses father.

no he isn't. both sprouses are straight

Don't you mean what is cole and Dylan sprouses zipcode

Dylan Sprouses nicknames are Dyl and Lumpkin Dyl, and his brother Coles is Coley Moley.

Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Write

Micah volrich aka Micah sprouse

no... Brittaney Lynn Hoggatt is his girlfriend

Dylan's fave colour is BLUE!

hmmm... he look nice... he is sweet... answer: big

Dylan and Cole Sprouses mom is called Melanie and their dad is called Mathhew.

Dylan and cole do NOT have facebook accounts. Dylan has a twitter though (@sprousearts) is official sprouses website. Dylan has his own website

He loves to watch the X games.

Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright.

5616 Farralone Ave, Woodland Hills

Yes and she's a wonderful person!

No, that is illegal, he is an adult.

Johnny Depp's favorite song is:"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan.

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