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Elmo Moses :)

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What is elmos moms name?

I believe that elmos Mum is called Mis Mae.

What is elmos fish's name?


Whats elmos real name?

Micah Moftah

When was Elmos Semiconductor created?

Elmos Semiconductor was created in 1984.

What is elmos full name?

elmolopolis tee hee

Who wrote the song elmos got a gun?

Elmo wrote the song ding dongs! elmos got a gun bernie calling 911 cause elmos got a gun OH NO he shot big bird¸ elmos got a gun PEWW elmos got no gun now cause ernie has shot him ernies got a gun

What is the worst voice ever?


Who is elmos best friend?


Who is elmos mom?

Miss Mae

What is elmos email address?

What color is elmos nose?


Who is elmos evil side kick?

Dorthy the fish:)

Why is Andy Garcia important?

because he is elmos buddy

What is the color of elmos nose in sesame street?


Where did the nazis put the jews when they died?

in elmos world

What was Elmos purpose on the show Elmo's World?

To learn.

Who sings elmos got a gun?

weird al yankavich

Samuel Hearne was most famous for?

making Elmos butt

Where can you get sheet music for elmos world?

sheet music sites

Who recorded the song St Elmos Fire?

Ur moma did

Looking for the name of a movie about a sixties bunch of kids on a working sailing ship that gets into a storm and is hit with saint elmos fire?

White Squall

What university did the group of friends graduate from the st elmos fire?

In the Georgetown

What kind of food do Han Dynasty eat?

lalalala its elmos world

How many Elmos' does it take to change a light bulb?


Did elmos parents die?

Elmo does not have parents he is a made up character.

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