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Ender is compassionate and ruthless. His brother was all ruthless and his sister was too compassionate. Ender needs both traits to be a good leader that will be able to defeat the bugs.

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Why does the eye of ender hover in minecraft?

The eye of ender hovers because it follows the ender and is magical!

How do you ender pearl in minecraft?

With the ender pear you can teleport that costs you some hearts and you just need to right click, the eye of ender is used to track down the ender portal that leads to the ender dragon.

How do you spawn an ender cat in minecraft?

There is no such thing as an ender cat on Minecraft. If you are talking about an ender mite, then they sometimes have a chance to spawn when you use an ender pearl to teleport.

What has the author Anton Ender written?

Anton Ender has written: 'Anton Ender' -- subject(s): Catalogs

What is the Ender quintet?

A set of books about Ender Wiggins.

How do you trowe ender perls?

By throwing ender pearls,you click the right mouse button with the ender pearl in your hand.

When did Johann Ender die?

Johann Ender died in 1854.

When was Johann Ender born?

Johann Ender was born in 1793.

When was Eduard Ender born?

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When did Eduard Ender die?

Eduard Ender died in 1883.

What technique did Ender use for his army?

he used the ender force

How tall is Ender Lee?

Ender Lee is 5' 8".

When was Ender Alkan born?

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When was Ender Wiggin created?

Ender Wiggin was created in 1977.

How does Ender show integrity in Ender's Game?

how does ender should integretiy

How many pages does Ender in Exile have?

Ender in Exile has 455 pages.

What is the funnest monster to fight on minecraft?

The ender dragon and ender men

Why did ender's sister call him ender in Ender's Game?

When Valentine and Ender where little, valentine couldn't completely pronounce "Andrew" and so called him Ander which late became Ender. This is revealed in Ender In Exile

Can other people get into ender chests in minecraft?

They can get into your ender chest, but they will not be able to see your items. Contents of Ender chests are private for all players.