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Q: What is Frank Sinatras nickname?
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Frank Sinatras nickname?

Old Blue Eyes and Chairman of the Board

What was Frank Sinatras most famous nickname?

ole blue eyes

Frank Sinatras nickname is?

1) The Voice . 2) Ol' Blue Eyes . 3) Bones . Which do you prefer ?

What is frank Sinatras nationality?

Itlian American

What was frank Sinatras middle name?


What is frank Sinatras middle name?


What was frank Sinatras nick name?

cool boy

Why is frank Sinatras nickname ole blue eyes?

Because he had beautiful blue eyes made even more striking by his black hair and tanned face.

What is frank Sinatras genere?

Big Band, Jazz, Vocal.

What state is Blue's Clues filmed at?

it is filmed in the Frank Sinatras

What nicname for Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatras nicname was chairman of the board.

Where is frank Sinatras grave?

Desert Memorial Park in Palm Springs California

What was frank Sinatras last hit song?

new york,new york.

Who mostly wrote frank Sinatras songs?

Sammy Cahn & Jimmy Van Huesen

'what position did Frank Sinatras 'my way' reach in UK charts?

What position did Frank Sinatra's MY Way reach in the UK charts?

What are the names of frank Sinatras wives?

nancy barbaro ava gardner mia farrow barbara marx

When was The Trash Can Sinatras created?

The Trash Can Sinatras was created in 1986.

How old is Nancy barbato frank Sinatras first wife?

She was born in 1914. So she should be 97 in 2011.

What position did Frank Sinatras your Way reach in UK charts?

It reached Number 5 on April 2 1969

What was Franklin Peirce's nickname?

his nickname is handsome frank

Who gave Marilyn Monroe the dog mafia?

Frank Sinatra. The dog was then names Mafia due to Sinatras alleged connections to the mafia.

How did frank sinatras wife die?

because she was at an old age but her health was good she was just a little old and ready to go home

What did Anne Frank nickname her diary?

Her diary's nickname was Kitty.

Is Franklin Pierce's nickname handsome frank?

Handsome Frank or Elegant Frank

In the diary of anne Frank what was the nickname for mr Frank?