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Frank steatorrhea is a condition characterized by the presence of excess fat in the stool, leading to foul-smelling, greasy, and bulky diarrhea. It is often caused by malabsorption disorders, such as pancreatic insufficiency or conditions affecting the small intestine. Treatment typically involves addressing the underlying cause, dietary modifications, and enzyme replacement therapy.

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Steatorrhea is the "presence of an excess of fat in the stool." Frank steatorrhea is thought of as diarrhea that is either soft, watery, frothy, pale, greasy, voluminous, or foulsmelling. Occult steatorrhea is when an abnormal amount of fat is present in the stool, but not readily apparent due to the lack of the characteristic diarrhea of Frank steatorrhea.

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Q: What is Frank steatorrhea?
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