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a body is falling with no gravitational force is known as free fall balance

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What is the impact speed of an object in free fall?

The speed of an object in free-fall will depend on how far it fell and the gravitational acceleration. You gave neither. Note: an object cannot free fall in an atmosphere as drag will eventually balance the gravitational acceleration and the object will reach terminal velocity. Free fall is only possible in a vacuum.

Why is balance important?

balance is important because if you didn't have balance you would fall to the ground. it is like when you spin around lots of times you fall to the ground. the key to having balance is the ears i know it is funny but is the ears that help you keep balanceBalance is IMPORTANT because without it you would fall over

Would the balance work in outer space?

The balance would not work in outer space. If you are in outer space then you are not experience a gravitational force, which what a balance measures. Or if you are in orbit then you are in free fall with the objects around you and would feel weightless and also be unable to measure with a balance.

How can object appear to be weightless even when they are pulled by gravity?

That happens when an object is in "free fall". An acceleration will also produce the sensation of gravity; when in free fall, the two (gravity and acceleration) cancel what you feel. Another way of looking at it is that, if you are in a space capsule and stand on a balance, the balance falls (accelerates) towards the center of the Earth (or whatever attracts you) just as fast as you do - so your weight won't register on the balance.

What is use of free fall?

You fall for free

How do you use free fall in a sentence?

To free fall is to fall without hindrance. Here are some sentences.She didn't realize how much fun it would be to free fall before opening her parachute.A free fall can be very dangerous.If you are beyond the reach of gravity, you are in free fall.They practiced in the free fall chamber.The stock market was in a free fall this Monday morning.

What is the difference between free fall and terminal velocity?

The difference between free fall and terminal velocity i that free fall is when an object is falling or descending through the air with little air resistance or drag. Terminal Velocity, on the other hand is when the resistance of air and the force of gravity balance each other out causing the object to reach a constant velocity. .

What is the past tense of free-fall?

"They have free- fallen" "They free-fell"

Why do you need balance in trampelening?

If you don't balance your knees collapse and you fall off

Why is balance needed in football?

So you don't fall over the ball ?! , I am not sure.balance is needed so that you do not fall and so that you can move quickly

Where do fix assets go on a balance sheet?

they fall in the first column of a balance sheet

What is a slip?

when you lose balance and fall over

How did the satellite fall down?

It lost its balance......

Where can one get a free balance transfer?

A free balance transfer is typically a service that is offered by credit card companies. One can find a credit card that offers free balance transfers by visiting Bankrate. They provide the current balance transfer offers.

When is projectile considered a free fall?

As soon as it is launched, a projectile is in free fall.

What is the opposite of free fall?

The antonym for free fall is upturn. Free fall also has several synonyms such as dive, plummet, plunge, drop, and collapse.

When is an object in free fall?

An object is in free fall when only gravity and air resistance (drag) are acting on it. In space, free fall excludes drag.

Did any elephants fall?

yes the fall all the tome they have terrible balance............SYKE

Why was admitting California as a free state a problem?

There was a balance. And if California were to change to a free state, the balance would be broken

Why do i fall down a lot?

You more then likely fall down a lot because your balance is off. I recommend getting Wii Fit to help with Balance. But if you can fall up stairs your lucky! That takes skills.

What forces are at work in free fall?

gravity is the only force in free fall because free fall is when gravity is the only force acting upon an object

Why do lizard do not fall?

because they have a tail that gives them balance

Why do you need balance?

So you don't fall over.

Why can a free fall occur when there is only no air?

free fall occur if there is no air because there is nothing to resist the fall of the object

Is fusion fall free in April?

No. Fusion fall is never free and is not very fun!:(