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If you mean: how do you say Germany in Latin: Germania.

If you mean: what does "german(us)" mean in Latin: common or germane.

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Q: What is German means in Latin?
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What is hello in latin and spanish and German?

In Latin, it means "salve"; in Spanish, it means "hola"; in German, it means "hallo".

What is 'est in genom'?

A blend of latin and german. "Genom" is German for genome. "Est in" is latin, and I believe means "Is in".

What does 13 mean in latin?

13 means 13 in Latin. Just as 29 in German means 29 in English.If you mean 'How do you say it in Latin, then it is 'tridec'

What does faust mean?

In German, it means 'fist'.In Latin it is the root of faustus, which means 'lucky'.

How do you spell German in Latin?

Since Latin pre-dates the German language, the closest thing I could come up with is "Chatti" which means "Germanic"

What is the latin name for a German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd is a domesticated dog. This means that they are similar to all dogs, in that their Latin name is Canis lupus familiaris.

What does the German word pons mean?

Nothing that I know of, in German. However, "pons" in Latin means "bridge."

What is the meaning of the Latin word 'kaput'?

The word "kaput" is of German, not Latin, origin. The similar Latin word caput means "head."

What does the name Kristina mean?

In both Latin and German it means "follower of Christ."

What does antoine mean in german?

There is no meaning listed for Antoine in German. The name Antoine is Latin in origin and means beyond praise.

What does the name Armin mean?

Armin means "protective" and "soldier" in German. In Latin, however, it means "high place".

What is the latin origin of the word notebook?

The word "book" traces its root to German, not Latin, but "note" comes from the Latin word nota, which means "to mark or note".

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