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Google all time high $ 484.64

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2009-11-26 10:41:27
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Q: What is Google's all time high stock price?
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What is IBM all time high stock price?

IBM's all-time high stock price WAS $139.19 per share on July 13, 1999, but it was finally surpassed in November, 2010. As of 05 November, 2010, the all-time high is $146.92

What is Microsoft stock's all-time high price?

Because they Earn a lot.

What is Bank of Nova Scotia's all time high stock price?


What was UPS all-time high stock price?

$89.11 12/10/2004

What was Microsoft's all-time high stock price?

$58.375 on December 31, 1999.

What does it mean when a stock price is high relative to recent price action?

It means that the price of the stock has gone higher than what it has been recently. If you are looking at selling it, now is the time to sell. It's not a good time to buy.

What is Intel All time high stock price?

The highest stock price that the Intel corporation ever hit was in 2014. This happened when it reached $33.24 per share.

What is the importance of the current stock price?

In isolation, the current stock price tells you how much money you have to produce if you want some of it. More important is the price of stock over time.

What is the avergae price of the Caterpillar stock?

The average price of Caterpillar stock would depend on the time frame one is calculating the price of Caterpillar stock. As pf July 12, 2013 the price of Caterpillar stock was $87.17 US Dollars.

What is the financial meaning of a stock price on a time chart?

The price at which a stock has traded for a particular time is shown on a time chart that covers the hours in a trading day. Other time charts, such as monthly or annual charts, will show the closing price for each day of trading. Time charts show only the price of the stock, not the volume of the trade.

What is the current price of General Electric stock?

The price of the stock of General Electric Company varies from time to time. Sometimes it goes up while other times it goes down. The current price of the stock is ranging between $22.95 to $23.24.

What is the average price of PFE stock?

The average price of PFE stock is 28.25. This number will change minute by minute though. As of now that is what the stock is trading at. It will be different by the time you read this.

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