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What is Granville woods full name?

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Granville Tiger Woods?

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What is Granville Woods middle name?

Granville Trey Woods,is his name

What was Granville Woods' brother's name?

His brother name was Layates

What was granville t woods's wife name?

Her name was Grabrielle Woods

Where did granville woods die?

Granville T Woods died in Harlem,Newyork.

What was Granville woods hardships?

what were some of granville t woods hard ships

Who were Granville Woods' parents?

Granville T Woods' parent's names were Tailer and Martha Woods.

What was Granville T Woods accomplishments?

Granville T. Woods accomplishments was to be a better inventor.

Did granville y woods have a wife?

who is that u maen granville t woods yes he had kids

When did Granville T Woods born?

Granville T Woods was born in Columbus in April 23,1856.

What year did granville woods invent the transmitter?

what year did Granville T. Woods invent the transmitter

Granville Woods brother and sister names?

Granville Woods' brother, also an inventor, was Lyates Woods. His sister was named Rachel Woods Madison.

Who was granville woods wife?

His wife was Loretta Woods

Who were granville woods parents?

Tailer and Martha Woods

Where were tailer and Martha woods from?

the parents of Granville woods

Does granville t woods have siblings?

his mother and father ( Tailer and Martha Woods) his son name is (Jake Woods) and a wife ( Martha Bigbutt )

What was granville t woods first job?

granville t woods first job was being a black smith

Did granville t woods roller coaster?

yes, Granville W. Woods invented roller coaster in 1000 B.C.

Who was Granville Woods' parents?

Tailer and Martha Woods

Who were granville woods siblings?

Laytes and Sydney Woods were his siblings.

Was granville woods married?

yes i thinkit don't say anything about him being married so i would say NO HE'S NOT MARRIED!!!Yes her name was Gabrielle WoodsGranville T. Woods married Britney Spears.No he was gryMartha Bigbutt

Who was granville t woods family?

Granville t woods had a brother named Lyates Biney with whom he founded woods electric company with and a sister named Sidney woods. His parents were Tailer and Martha woods.

Did granville woods have children?

he has a son and his name is Jake Woods He has at least one brother, Lyates, with whom he started a business with in Ohio.

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