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HIV Rash is a disseminated rash that generally affects the trunk of the body. It does not itch, and is generally large. This is part of acute retroviral syndrome (ARS), the prodrome for HIV. About one half of newly infected HIV patients will get this symptom, or other symptoms of ARS - including malaise, night sweats, and general "flu-like" symptoms.

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There is no such specific thing as HIV rash.

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Q: What is HIV rash?
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What is the color of HIV rash?

There is no rash associated with HIV.

What are some causes of HIV rash?

HIV rash is caused by contracting HIV/AIDS. HIV rash is one of the earliest indicators of HIV, and can also be caused after being diagnosed by the drugs prescribed.

Should rash come alone in primary HIV?

A person with primary HIV would get a rash later on in the disease progression. Some people will have flue like symptoms when they first catch HIV.

Does HIV rash itch?

There isn't a rash that is necessarily associated with HIV infection. It is a common misconception that there are outward symptoms that point to HIV. Most people don't experience anything that points to HIV infection before testing positive.

What Skin symptoms does AIDS and HIV create?

HIV/AIDS causes leisions, rash (also known as HIV rash), and warts that appear in the back of the head, in the back of the ears, under the armpits, and in between the legs.

Can HIV be contracted through an open eczema like rash?


Does the HIV rash affect the face?

Yes, all over your face.

Are skin rashes caused by hiv?

Some patients with initial HIV infection will get a skin rash. Later-stage HIV disease may also include rashes. Most rashes are not caused by HIV.

What does an hiv rash look like?

ITS a swelled up pudgy,hairy and itchy dasease.

If you get a HIV rash can the test detect HIV?

If you get a generalized rash within weeks of possible HIV exposure, early diagnosis and treatment are important. While the standard antibody test is unlikely to detect HIV at this point, other testing will be effective. Be sure to speak candidly about your risks and concerns with your health care provider so that the right test is ordered.

What is the symptoms of HIV and aids?

Fever, headache, Sore throat, Swollen lymph glands, Rash

What are the symptoms of HIV rash?

Most symptoms of an HIV rash you can see such as enlarged lymph nodes, diarrhea, and white spots in the mouth known as thrush. Other symptoms also include headaches, muscle aches, and flu-like symptoms as well as a fever.

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