What is Isotopic standard?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur.

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Q: What is Isotopic standard?
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What is Nitrogen Isotopic standard?


What is Hydrogen Isotopic standard?

Standard Mean Ocean Water. (SMOW)

What is Carbon Isotopic standard?

Pee-Dee Belemnite.

What is sulfur Isotopic standard?

Canyon Diablo Troilite (FeS)

What is a Isotopic Fractionation?

Separation of a mixture according its isotopic composition.

What is an isotopic mixture?

explain the mechanism of diffusion in the separation of isotopic mixtures

What are elements with isotopic atoms?

Elements with isotopic atoms? An isotope is the same form of an element, but with a different number of neutrons. An element with isotopes/"isotopic atoms" is simply an element with isotopes.

What is the isotopic mass of phosphate?

The most common isotopic mass of the phospate group, PO3, is 79. The second most common isotopic mass is incredibly rare, but is 78. -------------------------------- Phosphate (PO4)3- has not an isotopic mass because it is not an isotope but it is an anion. The mass of this anion is 94,953 42.

Is sodium mono isotopic element?

Sodium is not mono isotopic. It has two isotopes. Namely they are sodium-23 and sodium-24.

What is the isotopic symbol for polonium?

it is Po.-

What is isotopic symbol for potassium?

that is 40K

What is the isotopic symbol for sodium?