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Q: What is Jackson pollocks artwork used for and where is it displayed?
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What is Plural of pollock?

The noun 'pollock' can be used as a non-count noun with no plural form, or a count noun. The plural form of the count noun is pollocks. Both are accepted forms.

What is a experimential design?

It's not usually rncemmeoded that you eat from any dinnerware that has been painted. Of course the paint may be somewhat toxic but you also risk damaging the artwork from using metal utensils and by washing the dishes. Even the heat from foods or liquids can damage the artwork. Decorative items are to be displayed, not used.

Who does The Used's album artwork?

Alex Pardee. -Kaylynn

What was a subject the Mayans used in their artwork?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Used Artwork - 2009?

The cast of The Used Artwork - 2009 includes: Quinn Allman Jeph Howard Bert McCracken Dan Whitesides

What part of speech is the word display?

Display can be used as a noun. Example: The display of roses was beautiful. Nouns can be objects of prepositions. Example: I went to see the artwork in the display.Nouns can be used as predicate nominatives, as well. Example: The flower is the display.Display can also be used as a verb. Example: They displayed the most expensive over the fireplace.

What type of artwork can be used to honor someone?


What medium did Rene Magritte used to do his artwork?

oil on canvas :)

What region used buffalo for clothing shelter and artwork?


What was Greek artwork used for?

Decoration/adornment and religious purposes.

What did Claude Monet use for his artwork?

He used oil paint.

How did M.C. Escher do his artwork?

He used woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints.

What can be used to create visual texture?

these are the "Building blocks" of an artwork?

What did they use to paint aboriginal artwork?

They used your moms blood.

When refering the medium have been used in the artwork which one is correct The medium i used is or the medium i used was?

The medium I used was.

Why is Christ displayed on some crosses and not others?

The crosses on which he is displayed are called crucifixes which are usually used by Catholics or the religion of Catholisism.

In popular culture who hasn't used a Smiley on its artwork?

Nirvana "Nevermind"

What materials were used to produce the artwork?

paint,pastels, and paint brushes.

What Code is used to make line bold print?

You will enclose the text to be displayed in bold between the and tags.ex: This will be displayed in Bold would be printed as below in the web page.This will be displayed in Bold

What types of metal are typically used in metal artwork?

There are many different metals which are used in metal artwork. Some of the more common ones include copper, aluminum, brass, nickel, and stainless steel.

Where can you find artwork used in movie belly?

The artist is Thierry Le Goues.

What are the actual material substances used to create an artwork called?

Media or Medium.

What Swedish artist sometimes used a spoon motif in his artwork?

Claes Oldenburg

This theory suggests artwork is successful based on the components used to create it?


What is the expression used to calculate values displayed in a worksheet called?

A formula.