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Q: What is James farmer jr personal life as a child?
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Was James Dean the child actor in Its a wonderful life?

No. James Dean was not in It's a Wonderful Life.

In harvest moon a wonderful life will your son be a farmer if you marry Celia?

If you marry Celia your child will start out wanting to be a farmer. But he can still change his mind.

What was James Watt child life like?


What were James Monroes interest?

James Monroe's interests included riding, hunting, and farming. At one point, he thought about withdrawing from politics to pursue life as a farmer. James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States.

Is mylene farmer married?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in October 2021, Mylène Farmer's marital status is unknown as she is a very private person and keeps her personal life away from the public eye.

What has the author James Woodruff Savage written?

James Woodruff Savage has written: 'A farmer's life' -- subject(s): Agriculture 'A visit to Nebraska in 1662' -- subject(s): History

What was James Buchanans life like?

his child life was full of fun amazing things for a child to do as he had nothing better to do he made his life count and that was the best thing that he lived by and counted on.

When was This Is the Life - Farmer's Daughter album - created?

This Is the Life - Farmer's Daughter album - was created in 1998.

What are the insurance policies that Farmer's Insurance company offers?

Homeowners, Rental Property, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Personal Auto, Life, Umbrella.

What was the life of a New England farmer like?

the life of an English farmer was easy........ but they did alot of slavery in them days

How was James biography of Samuel Johnson different from earlier biographies?

included information about his personal life

What was unusual about James Boswell's biography about Samuel Johnson?

it included info about johnsons personal life.