Jim Carrey

What is Jim Carrey's favorite cologne?

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Jim carreys hobbies are painting sculpting and reading

Jim Carrey's daughter name is Jane

I know his favorite food is ketchup and grilled cheese. Ketchup on the side of course.. but i am still trying to find out his favorite drink. Sorry about the drink, but hope it helps :] happy Jim Carrey Day <3

When he was young and he wa poor

You mean "grandson". And I do not know.

crazy, happy excited, crazy

James Eugene "Jim" Carrey was born 17th January 1962.

i don't know i think she is 14

Cooper Mountain was his first movie

No, she died in the late 1980's.

Being poor Droping out of high school

Jim Carrey has three siblings and their name's are: Rita, Pat and John.

His full name is James Eugene Carrey.

'Clark La Prairie jumped on my head in grade school detention' is Jim Carreys explenation.

The narrator of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) was Anthony Hopkins

i recall reading that Jim carrey made his motion picture debut in a 1985 comedy entitled Once Bitten.

Chris Brown is a well-known singer, performer, and dancer. However, the brand of his favorite cologne is not known as of 2014.

He doesn't have a son, but his daughter's name is Josephine. um yes he does hve son- lora223

Harry Styles favorite color is Orange.

He was ranked #54 in "The top 100 movies stars of all time." This was taken on october 1997

The one that makes her smell like a penis.

Deffidantly body& Butt spray !

I agree!!! I have been looking for it forever! It is my absolute favorite cologne for my husband! I am so very sad!