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What is Jim Telfer's nickname?

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Jim Bridger's nickname was "Old Gabe". Jim Bridger's nickname for Wyoming is "Old Man of the Mountain"!

Answer:his nickname is...Jimhis real name is James

Jim Bridger's nickname for Wyoming is "Old Man of the Mountain"!

Usually Jim or Jimmy is short for James

Jim Bob Duggar's middle name is Robert, which is actually what "Bob" is for. His full name is James Robert Duggar and "Jim" is a nickname for James and "Bob" is a nickname for Robert, hence Jim Bob.

Jim. Bones was Kirk's nickname for McCoy.

Palmer gets his "Cakes" nickname for his love of eating pancakes.

Well yes and no, depending on what you think. His actual name was James, but people called him, or nicknamed him, "Jim" or sometimes called him, "Jimmy." But no, he did not have a nickname nickname. Nothing like "Puppet boy" or something. It's just the name that most people know him by (Jim) is actually a nickname, not his real name (James.) Hope I helped.

They were known as "Jim Crow" laws.

Jim is a normal nickname for someone whose full name is James.

Ahem- Jim happens to be the most common nickname for the masculine given name James.

The Waco Kid. His (the character's) actual name was Jim, but most people called him...Jim.

Jemma nick name can be Jem JJ Jim Jam

John Stockton had the nickname "Stock" through most of his career. Jim Rome dubbed him the "Pasty Gangsta" but it was not used much.

Nicknames for James may include Jamie, Jimmy, Jim, Jimbo or Jambo.

McCoy called Kirk "Jim". Kirk called McCoy "Bones"

Yes. 'Jim' is short for 'James,' & 2 of Our Lord's Apostles were named James, hence they were Saints.

Jim Jimmy jimbo jamey Jamey wamey j wow haha. j spice

Jim Bob Duggar's full name is James Robert Duggar as you might have guessed by his nickname "Jim Bob". Michelle Duggar's full name is Michelle Annette Duggar. Her maiden name was Ruark.

slim jim; bean pole; twiggy; skinny minnie . . . sorry if they're no good

Jameo, Jim (if a boy), Jammy, Jam, JikJam, JJ, JayLo, Jo Jo.

Yes. Jack is a standard nickname for John. (Compare Dick and Richard or Jim and James )

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