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What is Jupiter's most well-known feature?

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I would say it would be the RED SPOT, a centuries-old swirling storm within Jupiter's gaseous atmosphere. Either that or his Great supporting roles in most of the Hercules movies..going under the stage-name ZEUS.

2009-08-27 20:08:56
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Q: What is Jupiter's most well-known feature?
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The most distinctive feature of Jupiter?

The red spot is jupiters most distinctive feature.

What is the most prominent feature in jupiters atmosphere called?

the great rig spot

What is the most proniment feature in jupiters atmosphere called?

The Big Red SpotA continuous storm

What is the most prominent feature in jupiters surface?

A storm going by the name of the Great Red Spot, or the Red Spot.

What is the most prominent feature in jupiters atmosphere?

the most prominent feature in it is that it is very hot and has no life inside it. Aside from this, the most prominent feature is considered to be the Big Red Spot. This is a storm several times the size of the Earth and is recognizable from any major observatory on Earth.

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What is the most prominent feature of Jupiters surface and what causes this feature?

The big red spot, which is a giant hurricane in Jupiter's atmosphere and has been going for hundreds of years. If you could travel across the great red spot, it would take your whole life to do so.

Which of jupiters four largest moons is the most volcanicly active?


What is the most common elements present on jupiters physical state?


Which planet has a moon with the most volcanic activity?

Jupiters' moon Io

Are most of Jupiter's moons asteroids?

jupiters moons are different some have an atmosphere and MOST are asteroids

What is Jupiters shape of the orbit?

jupiters orbit shape is elliptical

What are the most common gases in jupiters composition?

Jupiter is mainly made of Hydrogen.

What is Jupiters average temp?

Jupiters average temperature is around -153oC

Does europa Jupiters moon have any energy?

no it does not. But some of jupiters moons do.

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Which of jupiters moons is called the ice moon?

jupiters ice moon is Io

When was Jupiters Darling created?

Jupiters Darling was created on 2004-06-22.

Which of jupiters moons has the greatest mass?

Ganymede is the most massive satellite in the Solar System.

How many jupiters equals one sun?

6.2586532E+27 Jupiters=1 sun

How many earths can fit into Jupiters core?

approximately 1.3 can fit in Jupiters core

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