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jupiter is a gas giant so there is no land,it is made up of hydrogen and helium. plus its has storms on it so its pretty much impossible to live on jupiter

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What is Jupiters surface like?

Jupiter has a gas surface

What are some of Jupiter's features?

one of jupiters features are that it surface is mostly made of hydrogen and helium

What elements are made up of Jupiters atmosphere?

Gas and heptivone

What is Jupiters surface composition?

Jupiter has no surface. It is a gas giant.

What is jupiters surface tempurture?

very cold

What is the pressure of Jupiters surface?

Jupiter has a surface pressure of over 1000 bars.

What would Jupiters moons look like from Jupiters surface?

Jupiter dosent have a surface. And if it did, you wouldn't be able to see the moons because of the 30 mile thick clouds!

Is jupiters surface a gas solid or liquid?

Jupiter is gas.

Why is Jupiters surface red?

Because there is a really big storm on it

What are the names of Jupiters rings?

Jupiters rings are made of stale uran and frozen cow dung

What are Jupiters moons made of?

thay are made of gass

What is jupiters atmosphere made up of?

Jupiter is wrapped in clouds made of ammonia crystals. Its atmosphere is made of mostly hydrogen with a little helium.

What is Jupiters surface hotter than?

Jupiter's surface is hotter than absolute zero, 0 Kelvin.

What is the moons atmosphere made of?

Jupiters moons are made out of gas

Which moon out of Jupiter's four moons looks the brightest from Jupiters surface?


Which of Jupiter's moons appears the brightest from Jupiter and why?

io is the brightest from jupiters surface

What is Jupiters atmosphere like?

The atmosphere of Jupiter is made up of hydrogen, helium, ammonia, methane, and water vapor.

What kind of atmosphere does Jupiter have?

jupiters atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium, amonia, and many other gases.

What is the sun's surface made up of?

It is made up of hot fire . Sun has spots on its surface . It is very hot at the surface .

Have astronomy been on Jupiter?

only space probes has orbited and still orbitting around jupiters cloud tops no one has ever seen jupiters surface(if it had one)

What does the surface of Saturn look like?

saturns surface is a lot like jupiters surface. you can fall into the inner core after you've fell into the other gasses

Jupiters surface gravity compared to earth?

Jupiter's is 2.639 times as great as Earth's.

What are jupiters moons composed of?

thick ice water surface with liquid water underneath

Which of jupiters moons surface features provide evidence of a subsurface liquid ocean?


What is jupiters atmsphere made of?

hey gaspard class