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kmt basically means 'kiss my teeth'

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Q: What is KMT?
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When was Kmt - magazine - created?

Kmt - magazine - was created in 1990.

What characteristics of real gases conflict with KMT?

well the gas does conflict with kmt because of the pollution

What does kmt means on facebook?

KMT basically means 'Kiss My Teeth'. The term is normally used when you dislike someone.

What is the market cap for Kennametal Inc KMT?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Kennametal Inc. (KMT) is $3,591,970,037.28.

What does kmt stand for?

Kiss My Teeth

How was the kalinagos technology different?

kmt no!

What is the KMT party of Taiwan?

KMT stands for Kuomintang which is Chinese for Nationalist Party and is the current ruling party of the Republic of China/Taiwan.

What is KMT in Chemistry?

Kinetic Molecular Theory

What are Functions of educational institutions?

kmt t

What does KMT mean?

it means kiss my teeth

Who orderd the killing of the shanghai massacre?

the KMT

What countries did Marcus Garvey visit?


Who is the first physician in the world?

Imhotep of Kmt (egypt)

Are organic liquids good conductors of electricity?


What is the meaning of KMT and its basic assumptions?

Kiss My Teeth

What is the meaning of KMT in science?

kinetic molecular theory

What does kmt stand for in a text?

It means "Kiss My Teeth".

Where did gumboot dancing develop?

south africca kmt

What is the meaning of KMT in chemistry?

kinetic molecular theory

Is a device that an change images into codes for the computer?


Can you use the both in a sentence?

yes man of course you cankmt

What is the function of a carbohydrase?

your mum, and your dad and you kmt, how can you not know this idont want to get a det because of wiki answers!kmt. They break down starch into glucose, can be used in things like confectionery etc.

What type of element is cobalt?

well it is your crusty face you eediot *kmt*

Why did Mao start the long march?

He was retreating (aka running away) from the KMT army, who's army was much bigger and much better trained. the KMT aided by Warlords in the area were slowely encircling the CCPs position. The CCP were not getting the supplize they needed and knew that if they did not move they would either starve or be killed by the KMT army. the march ended in Yan'an

What does Kemet mean?

It actually means 'Land of the Black Faces."KMT -- It actually means 'Black Land" meaning fertile. KMTians were a Name for what we now call Ancient Egyptians (Greekword Aegyptos). KMT denotes the color of the land not the skin.Some opine that KMT meant "Land of Ham." This debate falls on the information that Ham, who was one of the three sons of Noah and the direct ancestor of the Egyptians, was black. This debate would say KMT is a derivative of the word "Khem" (Cham or Ham).