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What is Karen killilea doing these days?

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βˆ™ 2007-07-03 07:17:34

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I had read that she is living in New Rochelle and working as a receptionist at a retreat for priests.

2007-07-03 07:17:34
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When was Karen Killilea born?

Karen Killilea was born in 1940.

When did Marie Killilea die?

Marie Killilea died in 1991.

When was Marie Killilea born?

Marie Killilea was born in 1913.

When was Henry Killilea born?

Henry Killilea was born on 1863-06-30.

When did Henry Killilea die?

Henry Killilea died on 1929-01-23.

Who wasis Karen Killilea and what was her Miracle cure from Visual problems deafness what?

There was no miracle cure. Karen's disability is cerebral palsy. At the time when she was born, people assumed that any child with cerebral palsy would also be severely limited mentally, and the family was advised to institutionalize her. As explained in Marie Killilea's book "Karen" and the sequel "With Love From Karen," the Killilea family chose to raise Karen at home instead with as normal a life as possible, and proved that children with cerebral palsy can live normal lives and need not be mentally impaired.

When was Catherine Killilea born?

Catherine Killilea was born on November 12, 1939, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

When was James Killilea born?

James Killilea was born on January 29, 1936, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

How do you pronounce killilea?

Kill - a- lee

What has the author Alfred G Killilea written?

Alfred G. Killilea has written: 'The politics of being mortal' -- subject(s): Death, Political aspects of Death, Social aspects of Death, Social values

What actors and actresses appeared in Mission Hill and the Miracle of Boston - 1978?

The cast of Mission Hill and the Miracle of Boston - 1978 includes: Catherine Killilea as herself James Killilea as himself William Leonard Geoghegan

What is the spastic gait? According to this website, this means that the muscles are tight and the knees & ankles are stiff, causing an unusual way of walking. This is caused by medical conditions like cerebral palsy (read "Karen" by Marie Killilea) or multiple sclerosis (MS).

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